Social Media Apps List: Features That Will Change Your Life

So many Social Media Apps list in the Play Store!!!

social media apps list, play store

Isn’t it confusing and irritating?

You, hoping to find some useful social media apps list, open the play store, select, download and install the same and find it useless at last.


You may try again. But who knows you will land definitely at the right place this time.

You may continue wasting your time Orrr ……………..

Just Give Me 2 Min…………

I think you must be busy doing something or having a lot of work to do. You don’t have that much of time and data to waste on trial of other social media apps list.

Now, the question is whether you want to save your data and time or not.

If so, we are here to help you.

Here, there is some Social Media Apps list that must be useful for you. Just go through them and select the most suitable app from the social media apps list.


Below is the list of social media apps list which is frequently used in India – 






Before you go ahead I would like to suggest you read the following note first to utilise your time.

(Note: Keeping your valuable time in mind, features are divided into 3 groups: 

  • General Group which is written in BLUE. (The features which are generally used)
  • A Group which is written in BLACK. (The New features)
  • B Group which is written in REd. (Features That Will Boost Your Business)

You may read the group which is most suitable for you, skipping the rest ones.)

#1- Facebook: The Top Most Social Media Apps list

social media apps list, facebook

Facebook is one in the most popular social media apps list and social networking service company. It is located in California and stands in the big four companies like Amazon, Apple, and Google. Below is the demographic showing the highest number of Facebook users in the world.

social media apps list, demographic of facebook users

Facebook Features: You must know in 2019

  • Create a page and you can promote your business.
  • Introduce your business by adding ‘Call to action button.’
  • Share your memories like photos and videos with your friends.
  • Use features like Share, Comment, Like, Poke, Poke back and Stream live videos.
  • Use Emoji for reactions and Enjoy the features of Chatting, Stickers, Gifts etc in your phone.

New Facebook Features:

  • Now you have an option of Create Polls to know whether your followers prefer GIFs or Photos by asking questions.
  • You can Check Your Resources of the fake news which was a growing problem of Social Media Apps list. While reading the news use Article Context It will show you the additional contextual information about the article.
  • ‘Sets’ is a clustering tool which allows you to group updates, photos and videos as a group of publication.
  • Share screen is the feature which will allow you to share your screen via Facebook Live Broadcasts.
  • If you want to enhance your friend circle, you must use ‘Things in Common’ feature. It allows you to browse your friends’ friends.

Facebook Features That Will Boost Your Business

  • You are blessed with the feature of ‘Insight – Export Data – Page Data’. It gives you vital data and statistics of your page regarding audience response. It lightens the path where you can improve your strategy to boost your business.
  • Facebook rewards the ‘Relevance Score’ by measuring the effectiveness of your ads. This score is essential and depends on positive and negative feedback.
  • The feature ‘Facebook’s Free Stock Images’  provides you with millions of images for an advertising campaign which will boost your market and business.
  • ‘Facebook Pixel’ is an analytic tool that helps to improve the ROI by measuring the ads effectively.
  • You can pin the post on the top which highly engages the likes, shares, reaction etc of the audiences. The feature ‘Pin to Top of Page’ allows you to do so.

Till now you must have found that these are the unique features that make Facebook topmost used Social media apps in India as well as in the world.

#2- WhatsApp Stands First Messaging App in Social Media Apps List

social media apps list, whatsApp

WhatsApp is a freeware, cross-platform messaging service which is owned by Facebook. It becomes the primary social communication network in the social media apps list in India and other countries as well. It allows the users to send text and voice messages and share images, documents etc. You can also make voice and video calls.

WhatsApp Features: You must know in 2019

  • Send text and voice messages.
  • Share images and documents etc.
  • Make voice and video calls.
  • Now it is easy to reach your friend even if you don’t know his address. Say to him to use ‘Share Your Location’ on Whatsapp and get to him easily.
  • You can set the WhatsApp Status in the form of visual message like photo, video and GIFs etc which will be active for 24 hours. The best part of the status is that you have the privacy of sharing status. See the image below-

social media apps list, whats App status privacy

New WhatsApp Features:

  • Changing numbers don’t cause worry now as WhatsApp adds the feature of keeping data even after changing the mobile number.
  • Share up to 30 images at a time you need not pick one by one.
  • Group video and voice calling is one of the best features of Whatsapp which adds four people over the calls.
  • You can find a lot of default WhatsApp stickers in the application and download more from the sticker store.
  • Data which is collected on WhatsApp can be downloaded from the platform.

social media apps list, whatsApp stickers

New WhatsApp Features That Will Boost Your Business

  • Create a specific list on a topic and broadcast it to increase the engagement as you can take the benefit of group chat.
  • The messages are totally free in WhatsApp so you can enjoy cast free messaging and get a bright chance to build users loyalty.
  • WhatsApp is one of the best platforms to solve the queries as customer support and to develop a healthy rapport with your customers.
  • On WhatsApp, you can make either creative offers or promotions or engage directly with phone calls.
  • WhatsApp is a messaging app however you can make quality content without character limit like other social media apps list.

Such new WhatsApp features differentiate WhatsApp from the others in the social media apps list.

#3- Instagram

social media apps list, instagram

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social networking service. It owned by Facebook Inc. It allows users to share photos and videos. It is one of the most used apps in the social media apps list in India.

Features of Instagram: You must know in 2019

  • You can add your professional looking for photos on Instagram.
  • Post your photos and videos which lost for 24 hours using Instagram stories.
  • Interact with the other Instagram user.
  • Use the maximum number of hashtag on Instagram in a post or comment.

social media apps list, instagram hashtag

Features of Instagram That Will Boost Your Business

  • Create a specific list on a topic and broadcast it to increase the engagement as you can take the benefit of group chat.
  • You can use polls and other features to build online conversation and relationship.
  • With the help of the New Question Sticker, you can answer the questions of the customers. The followers simply can submit questions for you to answer. It means you can exactly know what they want.

social media apps list, new question sticker


  • The new Shopping Feature on Instagram has brought an opportunity to show off your business or product and make sales directly within Instagram.
  • There is good news for the brands and businesses as Instagram has the feature of sharing content from the Feed Posts. You can give a brief description of your product or services and tag in the post which is unavailable in other social media apps.
  • Now you can add an action button on the Instagram business account that may convert the followers into customers.
  • You can highlight all your channels by directing your users to a landing page filled with links. That will fetch more traffic for you.
  • IGTV is the newest features of Instagram where you can record your video up to 1 hour and promote your business by having your own channel.

social media apps list, instagram IGTV

#4- YouTube: The Best Video App In Social Media Apps List

 social media apps list, youtube

Youtube is a video sharing service. You can share, like, comment and upload your own videos.

New YouTube Features: You must know in 2019

  • Search the videos you like and watch.
  • Create a personal youtube channel and educate others.
  • Make creative videos and upload to your channel.
  • You can create your playlist and enjoy watching the video.
  • Like if you like the video, comment on it and share the video if you want.

New YouTube Features That Will Boost Your Business

  • Use Youtube cards to drive traffic to your website and promote your product or services. This feature makes it different from other social media apps.
  • Get to grip with the advanced feature of Captioning and make your rank higher on query searches.
  • The comment section is the path giving feature to communicate with the viewers and making a healthy and successful relationship with the viewers.
  • By using youtube fan finder feature you can create interest in your videos and make the audience regular viewers.
  • The creator studio app from the new Youtube features simplifies the mobile channel management making highly beneficial for the businessman.

social media apps list, the creator studio app

#5- Twitter 

social media apps list, twitter

Twitter is an online news and social networking site. It is popularly known as tweeting which is a short message.

The Twitter Features:

  • You can add images.
  • Share your stories.
  • Enjoy online news.

New Twitter Features: You must know in 2019

  • Notification filtering, mute option, reporting transparency safe search etc. features keep you away from the account you don’t want to receive notification from and keep yourselves safe.
  • The explore twitter feature make the user easier to find the new content on the platform.
  • Keep yourselves safer by using Safer DMs by getting the option of approving or denying the request in this essential app. Customize your own stories as per your need.

New Twitter Features That Will Boost Your Business

  • Pin one tweet permanently (not available in other social media apps) allows you to promote your business more effectively.
  • To drive the audiences’ engagement you can add photos in your tweet. Adding images in your tweet means you are making your tweet more effective without going over 140 character limit.
  • Use the advanced search feature and get ahead in the competition by researching the content, interactions etc.
  • To track tweets from the certain brands you want, you can customize the twitter account to get the tweet alerts.
  • You can create a story of your brand, product or services by using Moments.


Not to say about the importance of the features found in the social media apps list. By using the new features effectively and creatively you can act like a pro and can find yourself farther than today.

As a well-wisher, I can only suggest you use these apps, just go through the links given, download and start using features from the social media apps list. and if you’re already a user, go ahead, use the features and rise like a shining STAAR!!!!


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