Sleep Paralysis! Have You Ever Suffered With This Disorder?

A good night is a must needed for today’s generation. For students, for office goers, for workers. It is very important to regain all the energy. All the energy that you have lost during the day. But what happens when you do not get a safe and sound sleep you? Worse you wake up in the middle of the night, unable to move? This seems like a horror movie yet, do not worry no predator is coming to you. This is known as Sleep Paralysis.

This is a more common phenomenon than what you can think of. So let’s find out today, what caused this weird it. What is that disturbs you in the middle of the night and restricts all your movements?

  • What Is Sleep Paralysis?

Sleep Paralysis occurs in over 7.6% of the population
Sleep Paralysis (Image Source- Google)

This weird activity of your body is known as sleep paralysis. What is sleep paralysis? You may ask. Sleep paralysis is a condition in which you are unable to make any movements when you are going to sleep or you just woke up. The failure of movement often results in fear and anxiety. In 2011 paper read that over 7.6%population suffer from sleep paralysis. It mostly occurs to people who do not have a proper sleep pattern. This mostly includes college going students and mental patients.

  • Why does this happen?

Sleep paralysis mostly occurs when you wake up before the phase of REM (RAPID EYE MOVEMENT) sleep is over.
Sleep Paralysis occurs in REM sleep (Image Source- Google)

So what is the cause behind all this? For that, we need to learn something about sleep. There are majorly 2 types of sleep- REM and non-REM. REM signifies RAPID EYE MOVEMENT. Sleep paralysis mostly occurs when you wake up before the phase of REM sleep is over. The dreams that occur during REM sleep actually seem real. But the movements of all your muscles are in a pause phase. So even though the dreams may seem real, you cannot act accordingly. And when you wake up before the REM sleep is over, you feel that your dream is playing in front of you. And the inability to move is what causes panic.

So this is why it happens. It is all based on sleep. Give yourself regular and complete sleep. And you shall stay away from such problems.

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