Skin Care: Protect,Prevent And Many More

Skincare: What to do and What not to do

skin care.
skin care.

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Skin is probably one of the most important parts of our body.Skin damages are mostly a prime concern for everyone. Be it monsoon with dull skin and bacterial infection. Be it summer with dry skin or high humidity with pimples. One or other we all have faced such problems.Skin care is always important.

We are going to tell you few methods to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

1.Choose what to wear carefully

Clothes and skin care.
Know what suits you.

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Covering up bare skin is important.This doesn’t mean you have to overheat yourself. Choose loose, light-colored clothing that’s airy and comfortable.

2.Wear Sunscreen

Moisture is important for your skin.
Don’t forget your sunscreen.

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The sun protection factor (SPF) level of your sunscreen rates its effectiveness at blocking UV rays. Never use a sunscreen less than SPF 15.

Know what your skin like and use that sunscreen.Beware of expiration dates of your sunscreen.

Lastly, Lots of makeup and lip balms have sunscreen in them too. Try to choose brands that will protect your skin and make you fabulous.

3.Accessories are important

know what accessories to wear to protect your skin.
Hat and sunglasses are a must.

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A hat with a four-inch brim will cover the tops of your ears, and the top of your head and the back of your neck too.

Sunglasses can be also a huge help in summers!

4.Listen to your doctor

Your Doctor knows best.
Your Doctor knows best.

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Many people take medications that make them more sensitive to the sun, so if your doctor prescribes you any antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, antifungals, or blood pressure medications, they might also give you instructions, try to follow them.

5.Your face wash is also important

face wash is important.
The face wash is important.

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We use face wash almost daily. So knowing which face wash to use is important.There is nothing better than a face wash with salicylic acid.This will cut through grease and prevent pores from getting obstructed.

A good face wash leads to a healthy skin.

6. Waterproof skin care products

waterproof skin care products.
waterproof skin care products.

In summer your makeup is bound to melt along with body sweat. In monsoon, your makeup can wash away with rain or humidity. So wearing a waterproof makeup is a must.

7.Toweling your skin better

Toweling helps in skin care.
Choose your towel carefully.

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Do not rub your skin too much while using a towel.You can dry your self up gently to protect the upper layers of the skin.

8.Hot Water is a big NO

Hot water affects your skin.
Hot water bath.

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Do not use hot water for showering because it can get the skin to burn or dry up.Try not to shower for more than one time a day as most skin doctors advice.

9. Washing your face is important but too much washing is not healthy

washing your face is important but not too much
washing your face

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Your skin is naturally balancing, so when you wash your face too much you dry it out. washing your skin too much creates a unbalance.

so to maintain the balance don’t wash much and let your skin do its own magic.

10.Face wipes are very important

check which face wipe your skin like.
To check which faces wiping your skin like.

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For all those out there, who has a habit of washing face more than required. Face wipes are a great alternative. Use them to clean your face gently and smoothly.

Lastly, we hope these tips help you in keeping your skin glowing and healthy.




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