Get Up ! Sitting For Too Long May Be Fatal To You.

Sitting May Increase Death Risk

We have been the office workers spend most of our day in the office. But do you know that sitting for a long time may increase death risk? According to a recent study, people who sit for one or two hours have higher risks of death than those who make cumulative longer bouts.

effects of prolonged sitting and harmful effects of sitting all day
Sitting for a long time jam your muscle!

How Sitting Affects?

Sitting for a long makes your muscles jam and also compresses your heart because of which there is a risk of a heart attack. Cholesterol level increases in the body due to continuous sitting. This is also seen that fat settles in the body which is a home for many diseases and increase death risk.

Other Factors Affecting?

This is found in a study that it is just not about the amount of time you spent on sitting but also the way matters in which the sitting time is accumulated during your day in the office. Sitting for a long time along a day without moving can increase the mortality rate than those who adjust the same amount of time in shorter bouts.

Makes You Feel Fatigue

Also sitting for a long time makes you feel fatigue and so this is also advised to make your body warm after a long sit. Researchers have also found people fighting with constipation and which later turns out to be some heavy breakdown may be a liver failure. Also, the posture in which a person sits has a great impact on his health.

What Can You Do?

When you make your sitting bouts for no longer than 30 minutes can make your death risk reduced by nearly 75%. If you have a job where you have to sit for the prolonged period of time than it is advised to divide your time in shorter bouts which are surely going to keep you healthy. Researchers suggest break-in every half hour.

Work and Break strategy will keep you Healthy !

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