Signs That Tell You If You Are Going To Have A Boy Or A Girl

Today mothers have always wondered what will they have a baby girl or a baby boy? Needless to say, having a child in itself is such a happy occasion. Yet this question remains until you have the baby. Will it be a boy or a girl? Happens to you, doesn’t it? Well, today we’ll tell you how can you predict if you are going to have a girl or a boy. They are simple signs that might reveal if you are pregnant with a baby boy or a baby girl. So look out for these signs!

Although all these predictions are just based on simple facts and assumptions. So there is a high probability that they may not turn out to be true. But sometimes they might just surprise you!

  • Signs For When It’s A Girl

Look for these Signs to be sure if you are going to have a girl.
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You might want to look back and recall where was the baby conceived. Why so? Because it is a proven fact that girl is born more frequently in the tropics than anywhere else. Strange? You will be surprised to know that this is because of a hormone called melatonin.

If the father of the conceived baby works under stressed conditions, or in polluted areas. There is a possibility of him having a baby girl. Also if you are a couple where the mother is over 35 and father is over 40. You might be having a girl.

This happens because of age men’s sperm deteriorates and woman’s hormonal level changes. If you experience a lot of morning sickness during your pregnancy. It is maybe because you are having a girl and all those female hormones lead to nausea.

  • Signs When It’s A Boy

Look for these Signs to be sure if you are going to have a boy.
Signs when you are going to have a boy Image source-Google

If you feel a lot of stress when you fall pregnant, you might be having a boy. This is because of hormones cortisol and testosterone which cause the male sperm to enter the egg easily. If you have begun consuming more calories during pregnancy then it might be another sign. And if you are active in having sex then you may have conceived a boy. Because regular sex gives an advantage to the male sperms.

So here are a few signs from which you can perceive if it is a boy or a girl. But whatever it is, it is no less than a blessing.

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