Shaving Not To Be Done On Which Body Parts?

Nowadays, Many new Trends are entering society at a fast pace. Earlier, this was new that new changes are brought in the world, but now the tables are turned. One of the new trends emerging in changing lifestyle and living habits is ‘SHAVING’. Shaving is the removal of hairs by using a razor or any other method to slice it down. Usually, when we think of Shaving a picture of male appears in our mind because earlier shaving was concerned with men. But, as far as the change in society has changed this equation too. Women also remove their hairs from arms and other body parts in order to look good. In this article, I will be telling the readers that which body parts should not be shaved as they can be turned into a major problem in future.

1. Shaving-Hairlines

Stop shaving your hairlines as after few days small hairs will grow and will distort your looks.
rock hairlines

Hairlines are the line where your hairs start. Shaving of the hairline is male concept because this trend is introduced this year recently by men themselves. Basically, this trend deals with removing your front hairs to get more sharp and classy look thus to get a straight separation. The hairstyle totally changes with no doubt and is good looking and satisfactory. But its really difficult to maintain such hairstyle because just after a few days small hairs start growing and looks awkward as compared with the overall hair length. This is the major problem relating to shaving hairlines.

2. Unibrow

Shaving unibrows tends to hair regrow which looks irritating and awkward.

Unibrow is when a person has a single eyebrow and the two of them meets in the middle of the bridge of the nose. People unaware of the problems related to the shaving of the unibrow. People negatively associate this situation and remove their unibrow despite knowing the fact that people with unibrows are a sign of luck. These people are rewarded in the history like some Bollywood actress. Not only that separation of unibrows also leads to the growth of many tiny pointed hairs in the middle which look quite awkward and irritating.

3. Groin Area

Groin Areas are nowadays being shaved by many people for the purpose of hygiene and cleanliness. Clearly, If you shave groin area does not mean a crime but there are certain problems that people face after shaving. It may cause many cuts as these areas are soft and can cause cuts while shaving. Hairs grow in just 1 or 2 days aftershave as which causes irritation, as new hairs grown, are small. These hairs can further cause bacterial and skin infection.


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