Shah Rukh Khan Now Has Female BodyGuards For This Very Hilarious Reason!

Shah Rukh Khan as we all know is brilliant in putting up expressions in his comical cum witty style. Without being politically wrong, Badshah of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan wittingly puts his views across his fans.  And recently he exhibited his remarkable oratory skills, again, at the India Today Conclave held in Mumbai where he comically explains the reasons of hiring female bodyguards for himself.

shahrukh khan
Shah Rukh Khan During Conclave Show.

The Conclave show saw the coming together of the who’s who from all walks of our society and King Khan was there to represent the prestige of Bollywood.

The Baadshah of Bollywood is the object of desire for many Indians especially women, all around the globe. It is so relevant to believe that when his lady fans find themselves in his proximity, they lose their senses.

shahrukh khan
Badshah Of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan.

Shah Rukh spoke about how he needs to smell good, every time he steps out because out there nobody would find themselves drooling over a foul-smelling fellow. But sometimes things go out of hand and his fans swoop on to him, leaving scratches and nail marks on his body.

The shah Rukh’s way of tackling this problem is to hire female bodyguards. 

Previously, he had male bodyguards pushing and making way for him through a crowd of female fans, which was clearly rude. And that is why he employed some ladies to do the job instead!

Have a look in this video too!!

He also took a crafty dig at how fans and media person throw themselves at him and how few days ago his car ran over a journalist’s foot who was trying to capture his pictures. Though he tried to show that he was just kidding and his statement should be taken in that for the uninitiated.

When Shah Rukh Khan was on the way to attend the birthday party of Alia Bhatt, his car had run over one of the photographer’s foot. An eye witness of the incident told that-Shah Rukh was extremely polite and asked the photographers not to be afraid as he will take care of the entire accident.

The photographer, who got injury in leg, is a new guy and he got extremely excited after seeing the actor. He tried his level best to capture superstar, but he didn’t know that he will hurt himself as the car was moving very fast. But thankfully nothing major happened to him and the situation is now under check.


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