How to get myself to serious study

Everyone knows that making yourself to study is not so easy as it might seem at first glance, but rather a large work a student has to do. Every day you have to go to school/university, memorize a lot of new information, answer questions and write tests. But this is not the most difficult part because, also, you have to return home and continue your studies.

And then difficult, but a rather interesting question arises: “how to force yourself to learn, even if you do not want to?”

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Female teenager student sleeping in classroom


Change the way the question is posed

The first thing you have to do is to modify the way the question is posed. Saying “to force,” we already mean coercion, and compulsion subconsciously I want to resist. So try to use a softer language: “How can I start studying?” Or “How do I finally get to study?”.

Making the first step is difficult!

The most difficult moment is to make the first step. Admit to yourself how often it happened that you delayed your homework until the midnight ?!  After all, there are always things that seem more important than homework. Starting something is always harder than ending it.

Find Motivation

You need to start from motivation, because the lack of desire to learn is, in fact, a lack of motivation. It can be different for every person; you need to choose the incentive that is right for you. Someone is better influenced by negative motivation (“If I do not study, I will be expelled/fired”), someone needs more positive motivation (“If I pass this exam well, I’m more likely to get a good job”).

Prizes for results

During the whole process of studying, make yourself “awards.”  The more significant the result, the more weight should be the “prize.” Have written the essay – eat something delicious. Passed the exam – let yourself soak in the bathroom, or go to a nightclub with friends. But “prizes” should only be for real achievements!

Time Management

Finally, there is another advice that seems obvious, but very few follow it. It sounds straightforward: “Learn throughout the semester, and do not postpone everything till deadline.” If you distribute the workload evenly, the session will not be very different from the usual university days. Of course, you will have to sacrifice a couple of parties with friends every week, but this will save you nerves and health.

Good luck with your exams!

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