Secret Ways To Add Magic To Your Boring Married Life

Special tips to spice up your relationship:

We all want to live a happy married life, but not all of us are lucky to get it. We dream of a relationship full of magic.

What we might need to do is to find ways to make our marriage work rather than to wait for it to flounder and then take recourse in the excuse that it wasn’t meant to work anyway.

1. Spend quality time and add magic

Ways to add magic to your marriage.
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It’s always better to set your time to spend with family and set a good time for your partner. This way you can clear boundaries around how much time you spend with your parents and your spouse’s parents. Your relationship and family must be your priority.

2. Don’t try to change the other person

add magic to your marriage-Don’t try to change person
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We spend our lives most of the times trying to get everyone else to think and act as we do. We want to mold everyone to the way we think and who you do think gets the brunt of that natural tendency that is your spouse.

You are separate individuals and should always be free to enjoy all of the things you want. Never discourage each other from pursuing each other’s passions.

3. Gentle touches are right!

Gental Touch is Special Magic
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Try to have a good connection with non-sexual physical touching, hand holding, and goodbye, laying together, sitting on the couch next to each other. Saying ‘love you’ to each other daily adds special magic to the relationship.

4. Give compliments to each other

Give compliments to each other and create magic
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Give compliments to your partner in front of other people. Not only because it is a beautiful thing to do, but it also helps your partner feel a deep sense of attachment to you. It’s the best way to build their self-esteem.

5. Go for vacations

Ways to add magic to your marriage.
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Put down your fantasy football and baseball matches for just one second and figure out how to go on a vacation at least once a month. You don’t need to be rich to do this, but you just need to be creative.

Every month, one of you can also plan a fantasy date night and add the magic. The person proposing it should plan something that they want to do with no consideration for the other person.

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