An old saying goes,”two heads are better than one”. Quite similar is the trend for smartphone cameras these days. People prefer to have dual camera smartphones which imbibe in them, a photogenic feel.

Dual camera smartphones are marked as the next big thing in mobile technologies, which enable great photography experience. Here’s looking at 5 Best Dual Camera Smartphones.


Huawei, the manufacturing company of Honor 6X hopes to grow its legacy in the budget segment too after offering a pair of 12 MP and 2 MP sensors on the back along with dedicated photo modes like Pro Photo, Pro video, night shot and HDR. In front, the 8MP sensor makes the smartphone take perfect selfies too.

OnePlus 5:

As per the official website of OnePlus,”The OnePlus 5 features the highest resolution dual camera on the planet. Photos are incredibly clear, so don’t be afraid to zoom in.” OnePlus 5’s main camera is a custom tailored 16MP sensor, while the secondary camera is a 20MP telephoto lens which enables depth of field and zooming into photos.

Huawei Honor 8 Pro:

Another smartphone from Huawei sports two 12 MP sensors that come with LED flash, 4k video recording, and laser autofocus. A monochrome lens embedded in it captures the details in black and white while the second lens captures the color details and the final image is a merged image. Working together, both the lens can capture light up to 3 times which make this smartphone one of the best dual camera smartphone.

LG G6 / V20:

LG G6’s dual cameras consist of two 13MP sensors, which gives the freedom to the user of effortlessly switching between normal and wide shots.

I-PHONE 7 Plus:

With the launch of iPhone 7 Plus, Apple has not surprised us with amazing new features of the phone. iPhone 7 Plus comes in with two 12MP rear cameras. I-phone 7 Plus will be soon getting a software update which will allow the user to take beautiful portraits with an enhanced depth of field and bokeh effect, as was announced by Apple.

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