Have researchers discovered first evidence of a multiverse?

In past days, scientists have discovered a universe that closely resembles with our universe. This mysterious spot in the space points that we are living in a multiverse.

In 2015, some of the astrophysicists found the barren region in the universe. The temperature of this space was quite colder than the rest of the space. About 10,000 galaxies were missing. Telegraph published this report.


Scientists have named it ‘Cold spot,’ which is located at a whopping distance of 1.8 billion light-years away. It is claimed as the largest structure discovered till now. Researchers found that this spot is containing 20 percent less matter.

Scientists claim that the universe might have expanded into a vacuum. Then, Big Bang and other universes have been formed.

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Professor Tam Shanks’s statements

Professor Tom Shanks of Durham University stated that it could be a signal towards a collision of the Cold Spot with our universe.

Shanks added that final analysis is going on. After the analysis is done, it will be concluded that Cold spot is the first evidence for the multiverse.


The universe is covered from a cosmic microwave background (CMB). It is the residue of Big Bang. As the temperature of most of the CMB is 2.73 degrees above absolute zero (or -270.43 degree Celsius), the Cold Spot’s temperature is just 0.00015 colder than its surroundings.

Earlier, scientists thought that the low temperature in space is because of unavailability of sunlight.

But now, after this latest research, they are claiming that the colder area is actually a ‘supervoid.’ This supervoid had 10,000 lesser galaxies, and it is so barren that light cannot pass through it. In reality, it shifts the wavelength of light to the red end of the spectrum.

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