Relationship Secrets Men Never Tell Women!

Couple in love holding hearts.
Couple in love holding hearts

The forthright nature of men has always been a matter of talk. This direct and outspoken nature of men has been one of the key difference between men and women. Girls are complicated and they never let their feeling come out easily. Many girls like to hang out with guys rather than girls for the same reason. However, there are many instances where men would never tell their partner about what they really want from their relationship especially in serious relationships.

Relationships always work well when partners keep it simple by saying what they think. Men have always been a way ahead in expressing their feelings and opinions but do they really do so every time. The answer is pretty forward and that too astonishing that men keep their opinions as a secret. The reason is hard to find. We can only come up with an answer as the fact that men themselves have no clear idea about their own desires. They only get to know about them when their desires come to reality by any such doing of their partner.

It is not so hard for women to go through a man’s mind, just a little research and subconsciousness can help. If a woman gets to know a little of these desires then it can surely improve their relationship. Women can achieve their men’s attention with a lot of appreciation if they know what men need them to do. Here are the few things women should try to make their men happy.

1)Everyone wants respect so as the men

Respect as you mean it
Respect as you mean it

The one thing a man secretly expects from his partner is respect but many girls do not understand this. Being in a relationship, it is important to show your men that his thoughts, decisions, and feelings matter to you.

2)Give them the chance to prove themselves men in the house

A little help from men will not have any effect on your tag of independent women. You can always take a men’s help for the day to day activities such as carry heavy bags with groceries, electric kettle repair and much more.

3)Men love the compliments in the same way as you do

A sincere compliment will always work for the men as they deserve your appreciation as well.

4)Being a friend more than a partner

Be a friend in a Relationship
Be a friend more than anything else

A relationship is always about being there for each other. No matter how strong your man is but he will definitely need your support if he fails anyhow. Being a friend helps to let him know that someone is always there for me regardless of the circumstances.

5)Every effort counts in a Relationship

It is always a great idea to put some makeup on a chosen outfit that suits you the best. Every effort of yours to look best for him will always fetch you a lot of appreciation.

6)Advice matters a lot

Men are always eager to know what value his opinion and advice have in your life. It is best to ask for their opinion for any important decision of your life.

7)Actions speak more than words

Actions Vs Words: Love Men actions not words or speaches
Actions Vs Words (Image source: Google)

Some words of appreciation for any special thing done by your man would be great. A smile or a kiss will also work as a gesture to say thank you. However, it is necessary that you don’t take it beyond the limits.

8)Make the first move

Every guy loves if you initiate any physical contact without waiting for him to start. It can be a huge turn for your men.

9)Give him some space

Every man needs their own space for their friends and sometimes for manly stuff which surely you are not aware of. It may be hard but it can help a lot to make him feel independent. It will surely strengthen your official relationship.

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