How To Reduce Risk Of Stroke This Winters

Nowadays, Changing and Developing world occurs many changes. The effect of these changes varies with the that whether the change is positive or negative. Thus, one of the negative change is increased the risk of heart diseases and life killing diseases. In winters, the risk of heart diseases and blood pressure diseases as temperature drops. Winters reduces the temperature of the core body and blood vessels which increases the chance of getting a heart attack, Stroke especially for elders who have gone through bypass surgeries, operations and is already suffering from heart diseases. In this Article, I have covered all the measures that one should follow in winters to be heart healthy. The following things should be done to reduce the risk of stroke:

Reduce the risk of HEart attack and Stroke by staying fit.
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1. Gaining Weight Should Be Avoided:

Cold weathers make you lethargic. Thus, people tend to be very lazy especially in winters. Only Eating and no work leads to weight gain which should be avoided especially in Winters.

2. Winters: Keep Warm and Reduce Stroke chances

Winters one should try to keep the body warm and calm to avoid stroke.
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In Winters one should try to keep the body warm and calm. As in Winters, there are cold winds and people traveling outside in cold wind should cover their mouth with mask or scarf to protect from cold weather and reduced temperature. It also helps in protection of lungs and heart.

3. Winters: Don’t Skip Meals

In Winters people used to eat more than they normally eat.
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In Winters people used to eat more than they normally eat. So, don’t eat food in one at one time thus it will put make your heart heavy which increases the risk of heart attacks.

4. Say No To Strenuous Activities

In Winters, There is an increase in strenuous activities. It means those activities which require a lot of energy or force. Due to these people experience exertion. Exertion leads to heart’s increased demand for oxygen. Without the proper supply of oxygen the risk of blockage in the heart. Thus, In Winters one must go for less physical work and light exercises.

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