Reasons revealed why Tamil Nadu Government is not approving New Schools in the State

Tamil Nadu does not have Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas that are schools, run by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, which aims to provide quality education to needy students from rural areas of the country.

Schools in Tamil Nadu
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As per reports, Tamil Nadu is the only state in India that does not have these kind of schools. Recently a PIL has been filled seeking the same in the state.

In Madras high court, Tamil Nadu government finally revealed the reasons why they are not allowing these schools to be set up in their state.

  • The state does not need any more schools since the statistics say it has 61,983 students lesser in class I as compared to class IX.

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    The reason behind this is the lower fertility rate in the state for over a generation.

  • Thus the number of children enrolled in schools every passing year is decreasing.

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  • It is quite disheartening that the students enrolled in primary schools stay there till class IX.
  • Tamil Nadu has shown maximum improvement in overcoming youth literacy in the past few years.
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    But with respect to higher studies the number is quite low. Around 45% of the students who complete high school go to college.

  • Instead of establishing new schools, the State must concentrate more on improving the infrastructure of the already existing ones.
  • Students are facing problems while appearing in nation wide competitive exams since the state board syllabus has not been updated since a long time.
  • This year the number of students qualifying JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) in Tamil Nadu is quite low.
  • This adds to the lacking of the state’s education policy.
  • If the cost of a wider base of literate people is a narrower base of students who go to elite schools, that’s a cost worth paying.
  • Right now Tamil Nadu needs to focus more on the quality of education rather than building more schools.

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