Ravishing Lifestyle of India’s richest Billionaire Daughters!!

Billionaires in India are famous for their ravishing and Luxurious lifestyles. Their daughters enjoy all the comforts of life.Let’s have a look at the lifestyle of these Daughters:

1. Roshni Nadar:

Roshni is the daughter of Indian Billionaire Shiv Nadar. She is the CEO of HCL group, worth $5 million. Becoming a CEO at the age of 28 years, she is a role model to many. After all the luxuries in life, she decided to work hard and make his father proud.

Nadar, billionaires

2. Pia Singh:

She is the daughter of KP Singh, who is a real estate magnate. Pia is the stakeholder of $400 million in her father’s firm. She is also the head of DLF entertainment venture. She is 39 years old.

Pia, billionaires

3. Vanisha Mittal:

Daughter of well-known Lakshmi Mittal, Vanisha is 24 years old and holds a masters degree in South Asian Studies. Her age doesn’t stop her from sitting on the board of directors of Mittal Steel.

Vanisha, billionaires

4. Akshata Murthy:

The daughter of the founder of Tech company Infosys, Narayan Murthy is a graduate of Stanford University in Designing. She is 1.4% stakeholder in Infosys. She is married to Rishi Sunak, her Stanford classmate.

Akshata, billionaires

5. Nisha Godrej:

As the name suggests, she is the daughter of Adi Godrej who holds a company named Godrej whose worth is $5.2 million. She is the president of Capital and Innovation at the Godrej group. Nisha manages over 20,000 employees. She also is connected with social works.

Nisha, billionaires

6. Ananyashree Birla:

Ananyashree is 19 years old and the daughter of very famous Kumar Birla. Her family has a net worth of $7.5 million dollars. She studied at Oxford University.

Ananya, billionaires

7. Isha Ambani:

As her surname suggests, she belongs to the richest family in India, “Ambani.” She is sharp, intelligent, and brilliant. She is working at Mckinsey after graduating from Yale University. Her role at Mckinsey is going to pave her path for a big role in Reliance Industries Limited.

Isha, billionaires



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