Why Put Up In Ordinary Hotels On Your Adventurous Trips? Here Are 10 Unusual Hotels To Excite The Maverick In You!

Crazy about fun trips ? Always looking for a new obstacle to conquer ? Why put up in normal B&B’s or in luxurious hotels on your amazing ventures ? Here’s a guide to the top 10 unusual hotels around the world that will give a quick fix to your oddity while on a trip.

  1. No Man’s Fort- Solent, Portsmouth

2.2 km off the coast of the Isle of Wight, No Man’s fort was built in the Victorian era to protect Portsmouth from an attack by Napolean III. Black and iron-plated, and with tidal waters swirling around it, the fort as a hotel has 22 bedrooms, a helipad, hot tubs on the rood, a spa,  a golf course along with a light house of its own.


  1. Kakslauttanen – Saariselka, Finland

Kakslauttanen, located 10KM away from Saariselka and about 3 hours north of Rovaniemi, the central hub of Lapland is one of the best places to watch the northern lights. Near the home of Santa Claus (of course Santa is real!), you can put up in glass igloos which are warm and cozy in spite of looking fragile. The sleigh rides here along with getting the opportunity to stare at the stars from your bed makes this an unusual hotel.


  1. Book and Bed -Tokyo, Kyoto

A dream come true for all bookworms, this ‘accommodation bookshop’ has bunk beds hidden behind library shelves that feature approximately 1,700 books. Though the books are not for sale and luxury is not the aim, it is a one of a kind experience to be sleeping in a library.


  1. Karostas Cietums Hotel- Liepaja, Latvia

Want to experience prison but afraid to commit a crime? Previously a Russian prison, Karostas Cietums Hotel still treats its guests as prisoners. The guests are handcuffed, stripped off their belongings, fed bread and water and allotted beds of wood or iron mattresses in jail cells. This hotel is rumoured to be haunted so you can expect to see some of the former prisoners.


  1. The Mirrorcube- Harads, Sweden

A light aluminium box suspended around a tree trunk and covered with one-way mirrors. It can accommodate two people at a time and has a double bed, a small bed, a small bathroom, a living room and a roof terrace. The cabin is accessible by a rope bridge connected to the next tree. (For all you bird lovers, worried about birds colliding with the cabin, the glass is covered with an ultraviolet colour visible only to birds to prevent them from banging.)


  1. The Giraffe Manor- Nairobi, Kenya

Located in Nairobi with a view of Mt Kilimanjaro and built in 1932 by Sir David Duncan, the manor was opened in 1984 as a hotel. The Rothschild giraffes kept here were moved after they lost their natural property. In this hotel, the giraffes come to your window and you can feed them by hand.


  1. Jumbo Stay- Stockholm, Sweden

An interesting take on sleeping comfortably in an airplane, this hotel lets yoAu spend the night in a Boeing 747-200 jumbo jet. If you want a private bathroom , you should opt for the cockpit suite which is way more interesting with all its navigation instruments still intact.


  1. Bedouin camp- near Petra, Jorda

Why stay in a hotel when you can stay in a bedouin camp? A blend of tradition and hotel style comfort, the camp is in an ideal location only a 15 minute drive away from Wadi Musa and Petra. It gives you a chance to taste a way of life that is centuries old with a chance to sleep in tents after spending an amazing time in the desert.


  1. V8 Hotel Baden-Württemberg, Germany

A hotel for true motorheads on the outskirts of Stuttgart, this hotel offers car themed rooms. Surrounded by the historic charm of a former airport site, it consists of grown up size beds crafted from classic cars. Extensively restored in a classical modern style, the hotel not only impresses through its historical flair, but also offers, in the centre of the MOTORWORLD Region Stuttgart, an exceptional setting for your stay.


  1. Dog Bark Park Inn- Cottonwood, Idaho

Located in Idaho, this beagle themed B&B sleeps upto 4 guests at a time. The beagle is named Sweet Willy and has carpets for ears. It’s made of wood and is 30ft tall, 34 ft long and 14 ft wide. The loft bedroom is located in the dog’s head and the toilet is disguised as a fire hydrant.




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