Pretty You! Get Smooth and Pretty Hands too

Hands are the most used part of the body. The hardest jobs are done by them all the cleansing agents, rough surfaces and are always exposed to sun and dirt. It will be obvious after all these things your hands will get rough. After a smile on your handshake. Our hands do so much for us lets now start doing something to keep them healthy. All the ladies over here wants to look young always so using much of creams make them look dull, everyday let’s try some home remedies this time. Here are tips to give a thankful care to our hands.

Love your hands
Just wash your hands with a mild soap or liquid every time you wash them and use a moisturising cream or Vaseline and save thousands of money.Love your hands

Smoothness through kitchen
Use your every day to get pretty hands. Use coconut oil, olive oil, glycerine, honey, milk, cream, lemon all the natural moisturiser. Use the mixture of honey and glycerin to get wrinkle free smooth hands.Smoothness through kitchen

Hand Gloves Protection
All the activities using harsh chemicals destroy our pretty hands. Lets try and start wearing gloves while doing all such kinds of jobs like washing clothes and utensils.Hand Gloves Protection

Oh! Bad habits
Bad habits of any category always destroys a person. Similar are here biting nails,digging,scratching or peeling. But bad habits are always bad so lets say goodbye to them.Oh! Bad habits

Dead skin is important to be removed whether its face or hands. Scrub removes all the dead skin cells and rejuvenates your skin but don’t leave it dry after that.Scrubbing

Your nails are formed of nutrients occurrence of white spots are due to deficiency of them. Try having more and more of calcium and vitamin c. Don’t get much manicures and use vitamin e oil.Nutrients

Milky Process
Stop your nails from getting breaking. Just usr lukewarm water or milk and soak your hands in them.Milky Process

Blood circulation is necessary for cells to flow. Lets put on a moisturiser and massage our hands and make them go flawless and smoother.Massage

Mentioned at last but is important dor all your body parts. Wat food rich in nutrients and not just fats.Food
We hope you all love your hands and will be including all these good habits in your daily routine and stop spending money in large amount.

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