Periods Battle! Read The Story Of Every Woman Life

Periods are a regular phenomenon. All you woman out there might think why do you have to fight this battle every month. Yes, it is no less than a fight. The amount of pain and cramps are unbearable. But these are just a few changes that your body undergoes during this phase. There are much more which go undetected.

But you know that these changes are important. Periods like your natural alarm clock. They tell you if you are pregnant or not! Quite an effective alarm clock. But they also indicate other disorders in your body. Namely PCOS or endometriosis and many other. So having a little bit of knowledge about this literally ‘Bloody Battle’ can help you understand your body better.

So let’s begin our lesson.

  • Why do you have to face this Period’s battle?

Changes in uterus results in Period
Uterus undergoes monthly changes (Image Source- Google)

As mentioned earlier periods occur regularly. Every 28 days, more or less. What happens, in reality, is your uterus goes through a regular cycle every 28 days. It does so to prepare itself for any possible pregnancy. Believe it or not, our body is built in such a manner.  But when no embryo is formed, the uterus undergoes a degeneration phase. No don’t worry, nothing major happens to your uterus. During this phase, just the thickened endometrial lining of the uterus is shed. This is what comes out as vaginal discharge.

  • What changes come in your body during your periods?

Hormonal changes during Periods
Hormonal changes cause periods (Image Source- Google)

A lot of hormonal changes occur during your periods. But the major hormones which control this are estrogen and progesterone. At the end of the monthly cycle, both estrogen and progesterone levels fall. This sudden and rapid fall in the level of these hormones, cause your uterine lining to degenerate. And this means that you will have your periods. It continues for 3-5 days. After which their level starts to rise. And when they reach the optimum level, the bleeding stops. And your uterus starts another cycle.

See, our body functions in an orderly fashion. It has everything figured out. And having your period of time just suggests that you are healthy. And your body is functioning properly. So, be happy when you get your periods.

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