Get Passport In 10 Days With The Help Of Your Aadhar Card!

If you are planning to go on a foreign trip with your family in these vacations, or if you need to attend that important meeting in Australia and just sometime before the date, you realize something. Your passport has EXPIRED! Or something worse, you don’t own a passport! Now, what? Plan canceled? Now, you’ll have to send that annoying junior of yours at the crucial meeting. No! The plan is still on, don’t worry. The government of India is taking every step possible to make your life better.¬†With the help of increasing technology and innovations, the government has launched a new and a straightforward way of getting your passport made or re-issued just by the aid of your Aadhar card.

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You can issue your passport just within ten days and that too just from your home. No more wasting your time in those long lines or traveling all the way in that killing heat to the passport office! Isn’t it courting? Of course, yes.

Following are the steps that you need to follow if you want to get your passport within 10 days:

Step 1 (If You Don’t Own An Aadhar Card yet)

Visit the UIDAI website and book an appointment for Aadhar card enrollment.

Step 2

Visit the site of Passport India and get yourself registered.

get paasport in 10 days,aadhar  card
aadhar card

Step 3

Choose the option to “apply for a passport” in the options there.

get passport in 10 days,aadhar card
aadhar card

Step 4

Select the applicable option among all.

get passport in 10 days,aadhar card
aadhar card

Step 5

Fill the application form.

get passport in 10 days,aadhar card
aadhar card

Step 6

Submit the fee online.

Step 7

After submitting and making the payment for your application, take a print out of the form and attach a copy of Aadhaar card to it.

Step 8

Carry the application form with the Aadhar card to the Passport Kendra.

Congratulations, you have successfully got your passport made with the least of hassle!

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