Kundan Kumar
Digital Marketing Strategist
A highly motivated and confident individual who has a successful track record of 2 Years in making online campaigns profitable. Experienced SEO Analyst who is persistent in keeping up to date on any SEO changes by the major search engines.
Shweta Panday
Hello, everyone. so about me. I like to write. Writing is my passion.I write everything from short stories to articles to formulating questions. I am part time adventurer who likes to travel and learn new cultures. I believe Life is one so live it to fullest.
Madhuchhanda Bhowmick
Author/HR Trainer
Hello, everyone! I am Madhuchhanda Bhowmick, from Kolkata. I am a Doctor in making. Being a complete Bong girl, Rabindranath Tagore is one my greatest passions, followed by reading, writing, painting, and trekking. I love to meet new people, know them, visit new places and explore them. I love to face new challenges every day.
Neha Malhotra
HR Manager
Hey.. This is Neha Malhotra.. a good learner wishing to learn every new thing and invest my time implementing it..love to write and possess leadership quality
Dinesh Nadimpalli
Hey folks! Welcome to LiveSmartly. Myself Dinesh Nadimpalli😇, Content Writer and Trainer(for Newbie writer's!) 😊. Content Writing, Web Development, and Blogging are my special abilities😎. We at LiveSmartly provide the users the best content with the best quality making you smart and your life simple. We continue doing that till everyone reaches our love and the power of wisdom💡. So, stay tuned by Subscribing to our site and like our Facebook page for more updates 🙂
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