Only One Song Made These Singers Superstars!

Film Industry worldwide is not only famous for its Actors but also for its valuable Singers.But stepping into this industry is not so easy. Today, there are many singers who have proven themselves in the industry very well between this stringent struggle, and through a single song, the entire movie world has contrived it.


Allah Rakha Rahman’s career began in 1992 when he started Panchathan Record Inn., a recording and mixing studio in his backyard. He was known national wide by a single song “Maa Tujhe Salam” from the movie “Maa Tujhe Salam” released back in 2002.


Arijit Singh is a name that has become the heartbeat of young hearts today. Today, their songs keep those two loved ones together. His songs bring a new freshness in romance. Arijit’s first song “FIR MUHABBAT” proved to be the most super hit romantic song. For the first time, Arijit has given voice to the film Murder and today he has established himself in the singing world.


Shreya Goshal, who made her debut in classical singing and made her debut with a velvet voice, was at the age of 16. His first song was “Barry Piya”, which was Sanjay Leela’s Devdas’ most super hit song. This song had become Satya Star overnight.


Pakistani singer Atif Aslam sang the song for the first time in the movie “Zahar”. This song made Atif a new giant of the world of singers overnight. Even today the songs of Atif fall into people’s hearts.


Neeti Mohan went to her first song for those stars who were debuting their Bollywood. In the Phil Student of the Year, the song “Ishq Vala Love” became the heartbeat of the couples.




Anna Kendrick is an American actress and singer. She began her career as a child actor in theater productions. She got famous through worldwide by singing an album of songs “CUPS” in 2013.

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Written by: M. Nitin Kumar.

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