Now You Don’t Need To Cry Over Your Hair Fall ! Read This And Thank Us Later!

Hair are one of the prettiest part of us. Hair fall is mostly taken as the step towards old age. We could do any possible thing we can to protect our hairs and make them look pretty whether its through someone else or through our mothers and grandmothers. We all upto an age gollow these such as picking off one grey hair rise to two over their ,a pregnant women should not use color. Don’t trust everything uou hesr. Its always a tond of advices we get at every work. According to Dr. Suruchi Puri, consultant dermatologist and director,Medi Makeover,Delhi make us aware with the following haircare myths we were following till now and should avoid from now, so just go through the valuable hair fall remedies below, to stop crying over that unnecessary hair fall.

Tradition #1:Picking out one grey hair gives birth to more.
Its just because of nature. After a certain age growing of grey hairs is a natural process. We can’t just blame plucking of single hair to be reason for growing up of rest.Tradition #1

Tradition #2:The stronger hair is because of right products
A healthy food is the wau to pretty hairs. Many people just think its weather,products and styling a key to beautiful hairs. Products are just for external cleansing and moisturizing but rich nutrient like carbs, fats, protein, zinc, iron and vitamin d to boost hair growth.Tradition #2

Tradition #3:Beer! Not good but so good
The enzymes present in alcohol may dry our locks and make them brittle. Rather the regular shampoo works better and get hairs strong and glossy.Tradition #3

Tradition #4:First Shampoo, Then Conditioner
You always possess some natural oils within your hairs which are lost due to shampoo. Use your conditioner first to nourish your hair at bottom and providing shield between shampoo and hairs.Tradition #4

Tradition #5:Cutting your hair,make more hairs grow
Hair growth depends upon your scalp. Hair trimming just get us rid of split ends and has nothing to do with catalyzing hair growth.Tradition #5
Guys! We wish this article will help you get rid of myths you were following thinking they will make your hair go perfect. Stop following them and pay more attention to your eating habits.

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