Not Just 9 Months, Beryl Romain is pregnant since 9 Long Years: Shocking Reasons Revealed!

There is this woman Beryl Romain, who is pregnant since last nine years, but has not given birth to the baby yet!

While searching for the reason behind this peculiarity, we came to know about the fact that she was not pregnant!

Okay, to be more clear, I must tell you that Beryl was suffering from uterine fibroid due to which her stomach had swelled up to 18 inches.

Apparently, she looked like eight months pregnant woman, and also had to answer many questions regarding her pregnancy. But the truth is, this disease of her has cruelly snatched her chances to have children.

She consulted many doctors, and everyone unanimously suggested her to get her uterus removed surgically.

But Beryl never gave up the hope to have a family. She traveled abroad and took herbal medicines from a traditional practitioner in Ghana, West Africa.

The results were far devastating that turned her condition worse and she had to finally get her tubectomy (surgical removal of the uterus) done.

Beryl Romain
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Beryl opened up to the Sunday People and said, “People were always asking me when the baby was due and looked amazed when I told them I wasn’t pregnant. I waddled around because I was so big”.

She also said, “I was due to get married in 1999 when I discovered a small lump on my side”.

“The doctor told me it was fibroids and I’d need to have my uterus removed. My husband to be was unable to cope up with the idea, and we ended up separating. I lost everything”.

Uterine Fibroid

Researchers say that around 50 in every 100 women develop fibroids by age 50. Experts believe that the figure is as high as 90% for Afro-Caribbeans.

Most of the women are unaware of it until they undergo routine gynecological examination.



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