DO NOT Ever Make These 5 Common Mistakes In any Interview

Finding a correct profile matching job for yourself is an important but tough task. By that, getting through the Interview preceding that is ever more difficult. Plus if you are making these MISTAKES in the interview the journey is not going to be a cakewalk.

interview panel

Never Say Anything Negative About Yourself Unless you can say how to fix it:

If you are trapped with a question like “What Do You think are your weaknesses,” you should not be saying anything that is going to ruin your whole Interview. Most of the times these questions are asked to check how manipulative you could be. For example, you can say “I observe little details instead of looking at the bigger picture,” “I get impatient sometimes, but I am overcoming it by practicing Meditation.” Always follow up your answer with how can you fix it.

chewing gum

Chewing anything in the Interview:

Chewing anything, especially Bubblegum is strictly a ‘No No’ while sitting in front of your Interviewers. It gives an impression to your interviewer that you are a casual going person. It even distracts the interviewer which annoys them a lot.

Dressup for interview

Dress too Casually:

In any interview, your attire plays a very important role in deciding whether you will get the Job. You should do a little bit research about the company’s Dress code before going for the interview. Whatever you wear you should look Decent and compliant.

The safest side is the conventional Dress code that is Coat Suit with a tie and comfortable pair of shoes, and most importantly you should be comfortable in what you are wearing.

late arrival

Arrive Late:

There is no excuse that you could give for arriving late can satisfy the interviewers as Arriving late shows how casual you are towards your Career and not at all gives a good impression in front of the interviewer. Even if you know you will be late for whatever reason, Never call the company to explain them prior that you will be late as they are least interested in listening to your excuses.

annoy interviewer

Say something you don’t know: 

Never say something that you don’t know or more precisely lie because the people in front you are experienced enough to figure out whether you are lying or not. Be true to yourself and if you are eligible for the job you will get the job. Don’t do anything to impress the interviewer as that can be reversed in the way that you won’t get the job.

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