Nokia joins hands with Airtel and BSNL to bring 5G network to India .

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Today we live in the 21st Century where we expect to be having fast, really fast net speeds, good telecommunication etc. But in India the situation is really the opposite, but not to fear NOKIA is here…….Yes you heard it right…  NOKIA

Airtel and BSNL will team-up with Nokia to bring 5G to India

Nokia the fallen tech giants are making a comeback into the smartphone industry with android powered phones, not only this Nokia plans to revolutionise the Indian Telecom Industry. Nokia has reportedly teamed up with BSNL and Airtel to bring 5G to India.


We all are very familiar with Reliance Jio and how Jio’s improved connections and reasonable tariff plans have brought them huge popularity, I mean 72 million customers in less than 1 year is worth applauding. Sanjay Malik, the head of India market Nokia reportedly stated ” Thoughts behind these MoUs would be to introduce 5G here, and what are the steps required for the same, besides identifying applications to define the target segment, which will lead to a complete 5G strategy for telcos. It is more of a preparatory phase for getting into 5G”

Nokia is currently finding some strong support to establish stakeholder requirement in India.  This is something worth creating a buzz in the society, but as per the reports, these 5G telecommunication will be launched globally by 2019-2020. Nokia detailed that this is a ‘preparatory phase’ for a wider 5G adoption before the commercial launch of 5G to take place around 2019-2020 around the world. However, there are some rumors that 5G will be launched in India by 2018. If the government supports the agencies and start auctioning the required spectrum we can expect 5G in India by 2018-2019.

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If everything goes well and 5G actually comes into the picture we can expect download speed of around 1 GBPS, such speeds can even make 4G look sluggish. Download speed of 1 GBPS this is something really huge, imagine downloading full HD movies in less than 1 second ( No! no downloading from torrents). Countries like India need to consistently work on such plans to develop its status globally.

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