No Fake Likes: Huge Click Farm Busted in Thailand

Hundreds of upvotes, thousands of likes o profile pic, tens of social sharing and plentiful of LinkedIn connections, sounds like a dream fantasy of any social butterfly, A lot of people spend their time on networking websites to gain some fame, promote their services or even have some social recognition. Some get successful in this race while some use other unethical ways of achieving these kinds of numbers. Paying to view many such numbers is the most common way. A company which is appointed as a channel for these likes and sharing numbers then passes on the tender to a click farm and quenches the social thirst of the buyer. One such click farm busted in the Thailand which was increasing the sale marketing and promoting their products with multiple accounts on the variouas online channel.

Click farms are a lot adaptive and responsive. Companies can use them for doing a variety of tasks, ranging from acquiring LinkedIn connections to make themselves to look better on the job market for influencing inorganic web traffic to increase page like and social sharing for online paid marketing. And they make millions while doing so.

click farm caught thailandSource: Digit

One such gigantic click farm is latest reported to be busted. The click farm caught had over 500 mobile phones and around 350,000 SIM cards to generate fake traffic and likes for the company. A Chinese company gave the men around $4300, with the cell phones to implement the operation in a month. The men arrested told the police that they were operating and paid to boost engagement for Chinese products that are sold in Thailand because of the little mobile phone fees. They were generating “fake” page views, likes, and shares through the social media app WeChat.

This is not the first time to witness such kind of incident; we had previously seen many more click farms being caught by doing such illegal activities. So next time be cautious and somehow alert on how these fascinating likes and huge numbers are generating and coming from which source. Just remember to check the company’s profile or any other section to verify for legitness before investing in any of such services. Online popularity might be coming from a not so legit and ethical way and may bring some issues to you. Just keep your senses awake while dealing in case of lunatic fantasy of some digital numbers!

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