New Wave of Wearable Technology

Today’s technology makes it easy to monitor daily activity and stay connected. From basic activity trackers to sophisticated smartwatches, find the ideal wearable to help you stay up-todate with the important details of your life. You’ll find wearable technology for every level of fitness, whether you want to monitor everyday activity, start a fitness program or train for an athletic competition. And when you pair your wearable tech device with a compatible app, it’s easy to set fitness goals and log your progress. Many activity trackers are worn on your wrist, and you’ll find a variety of styles that look like bracelets or watches. More discreet fitness wearables, can be tucked into your pocket, worn on your belt, worn around your neck or attached to your clothing. The display options can show your progress in real time, or alert you to progress using lighted codes One of the simplest ways to track your activity level is by logging the number of steps you take. You can find a variety of affordable pedometers to tracker your steps. You’ll also find more advanced wearables that can track stairs climbed, distance traveled, sleep quality, heart rate and more. Some can even calculate your calories burned based on this data. If you’re interested in tracking more advanced fitness data, a wearable with GPS function can log a variety of information. You’ll find trackers and GPS watches to track your speed, number of laps and more. If you are training for a triathlon or just like to include aquatic activities as part of your fitness routine, you can also find water-resistant wearable tech devices to log strokes and distance. A popular wearable technology option is the smartwatch. These stylish yet functional devices allow you to conveniently and discreetly manage your digital life. Smartwatches sync with your iPhone or android phone and can even double as activity trackers. Most smartwatches deliver alerts, notifications and apps to your wrist. Here then are some of the latest on the market today.



A great watch experience starts with the perfect fit. Available in two sizes, the Asus ZenWatch 2 brings sophisticated style and powerful functionality to any wrist. The watch comes with curved glass and a stainless steel casing that conforms to your wrist, with soft leather or rubber straps for all-day wear. You can also get a full charge in as little as 1 hour, so the watch can spend more time on your wrist and less time on the nightstand.



The Apple Watch does all things that other smartwatches on the market can. It can deliver all of the notifications from your iPhone to your wrist, so you’ll never miss anything important. With your phone connected, you can make calls through the watch itself, and Apple has added some new methods of communication, including the ability to send taps, sketches, and even your heartbeat. The Apple Watch can tell you when to turn right when you’re walking down the street, or hail a cab with the tap of a button.



The Misfit Ray is a modular device with a central tracking component you can switch between bands to match your outfit. The tracker portion is a tiny cylinder made of brushed matte aluminum that measures 1.5 inches long, 0.5-inch around, and weighs 8.5-gms. It comes in black, green, navy, white, stainless steel, or rose gold with a silicone band for $99.99, or with a leather band for $119.99.



Samsung’s latest smartwatch abandons the Android Wear OS in favour of the company’s homegrown Tizen OS, which proves to be a smart choice indeed. The Samsung Gear S2 has a user-friendly interface that’s world’s easier to use than Android Wear. And the watch itself has a great design that combines the round face and stainless steel case of a traditional timepiece with a futuristic, rotating bezel that makes navigation even easier.


These are some of new smartwatches which are launched this year. we will be coming with more such interesting topics and gadgets.

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