Mumbai: Ola driver molests woman in his car, then asks to be friends

The RAK Marg police arrested an one more Ola cab driver for kidnapping and molesting a 32-year-old woman from Sewri Mumbai.

Police said the accused, Mohammad Ibrahim Shaikh, is a Ghatkopar resident.

The incident took place On April 10, when the woman was on her way to pick up her 7-year-old son from school, and on her route, she was approached by Shaikh, who approached the woman for sitting in his cab, said police.

“Shaikh told her he was looking for a babysitter. After they had spoken for some time, then he asked her to sit in his cab, and he will leave her where she was going,” said an officer of the RAK Marg police.

“ And then woman sit next to him, and then driver suddenly touched her and asked her to be his friend. He asked her that she give him her mobile number and also snatched her phone. When the woman tries to prevent herself, then Shaikh started the car, and also she tried to raise the alarm, but the driver had locked the doors and rolled up the windows of a car,” said by police.
The police said the woman handled the cab’s steering wheel, but Shaikh overpowered her and then suddenly she managed to open one of the car’s doors and tried to jump out, but then Shaikh started driving fast and which makes him park the car finally. As the driver got scared on seeing that the woman was about to jump, and then the woman asked him to return her phone, but he refused to give back her phone, and then she runs away from that place,” said police.

“Shaikh gave the woman’s phone to his wife, who sold it for Rs500 to pay money for her son’s treatment and police traced the shop owner when he started using the phone. and which leads to arrest of Shaikh,” said an officer from the RAK Marg police.

The accused was sentenced under IPC sections 354 (assault on a woman), 365 (kidnapping with intent of secretly and wrongfully to confine person), 392 (for robbery) and 506 (for criminal intimidation).

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