Movies in Bollywood That did not Released!!

Indian Bollywood history is full of amusing facts. There were some movies which started but never got released due to inevitable reasons. Here is a list of few:

1. Parinaam:

The film starred Akshay Kumar and gorgeous Divya Bharti. After the demise of Divya Bharti, she was replaced by some of the hit actresses of that time but due to so many movies she signed, some had to be suspended. And Parinaam was one of the discarded movies.

Divya Bharti movies

2. Bandhua:

Amitabh Bachchan starrer movie made in the late 80’s were not able to get a screen. Eventhough it was made under the direction of J.P. Dutta and two gorgeous leding ladies, Wahida Rehman and Pooja Bedi were also cast, the movie could not make it to the theatres.

Bandhua, Jp Dutta movies

3. Let’s Catch Veerappan:

Ram Gopal Verma sure is someone who has tasted success in most of his movies but there are some who could not even release as this one named “Let’s Catch Veerappan”. This black comedy made on Veerappan was stopped right away when the Sandalwood smuggler was kiiled by shot on the very first day of the shoot of this Ram Gopal Verma movie.

Veerappan movies

4. Paanch:

This movie directed by Anurag Kashyap has been the most controversial unreleased movie. The movie featuring a band comprising of 5 members who were indulged in drugs, robbery and murder. The censor board refused to pass this movie stating it to be unsuitable for viewing. However Anurag Kashyap refused to make any changes in the original film so it did not get screens.

Paanch movies

5. Dus:

Director Mukul Anand’s untimely death was the reason behind Incompletion of the movie. The movie Starred Sunjay Dutt and Salman Khan focused on the terrorism aspect.

Dus movies


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