Motorola’s Latest Launched Phone: Specifications And More

What are your selection criteria when you are going to buy a Smartphone? Be it the pricing or the battery life you can choose Motorola to be your one step solution. At a fancy event held in Delhi “Box Office” on July 10th, the Motorola company introduced two new children into its Moto E5 family.

When we talk about people of India costing is the major factor that affects the middleman. And the two new phones break this stereotype where Moto E5 price to Rs. 9,999 and Moto E5 Plus cost Rs. 11,999.

Moto E5


Powered by Snapdragon Moto E5 consists of a RAM of 2 GB, storage of 16 Gb with an expandable memory through micro sd card of up to 256 GB. The Moto E5 screen with an aspect ratio of 18:9 have 5.7 inch HD with IPS LCD. The most renowned feature of battery life provides 4,000mAh unit power. The two LED flash cameras with the rear side of 13MPf/2.0 and front with 5MPf/2.2 value. The increase in the cost of E5 Plus brings about some changes into it by having 3GB RAM, 32GB storage with an expandable memory similar to that of E5. The battery increases by 1000mAh making it 5000mAh. The pixels of the rear camera is decreased to 12MPf/2.0.

But the issue it is facing is from Redmi Note 5 and Oppo RealMe 1 which are giving it a tough competition being better in terms of RAM, storage, and power. The only thing that can make Moto E5 better in the market is its offering a power at a good value.

tech2/anirudh regidi

Build and Design of Moto E5

The Motorola uses its trend in the designing of both the phones. With M tag near the camera and a fingerprint scanner near it. The difference comes in the material used giving an aluminum finish to Moto E5 and a polymer back to Moto E5 plus. The shiny finish like glass in spite of it being made with polymer makes it glossy but does not let it slip.


Software and OS

Both the phones are made up of Android 8.0 Oreo. Some enhancements like Moto Gesture, Moto Camera, and lock screen are also done in it.

Camera and Battery Life

Talking about these two aspects of the mobiles we can say that the camera does not hold a good value where we can see it by the MP values of its rear and front camera. Whereas the battery life is the major aspect on which the two phones lie on. And supporting these battery levels is the 10W charger making it charge fast.

Camera View

The two phones could be seen as the holder of the market mainly due to its battery power. Lagging in the other fields it needs to maintain its battery supply.

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