Everyday Mistakes That Cause Digestive Problems

Everyday mistakes that cause digestive problems

Our body is much sensitive then what we assume about it! There is nothing more frustrating than a stomach ache on a busy day. Upset tummies distract us from our work, ban us to the bathroom and leave us begging for a cure. Who amongst us hasn’t experienced the discomfort of digestive problems?

Unhealthy Food and common mistakes that causes Digestive Problems
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Whether it’s a bloated stomach, indigestion, acidity, constipation, or flatulence that bothers you, problems with digestion can be annoying and even embarrassing. The gut is a sensitive organ made up of millions of nerves, and little things you do every day could be what throw your stomach into chaos.

Who knew that when you were trying to be healthy, you were actually dooming, took us to the toilet?

Our Digestive system helps us to digest our Food
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So do not worry friends you can get rid of digestion problems by working on some tips. Here they are!

1.Don’t treat your anxiety

Anxiety is one of the very normal things we casually do. The connection between our brain and our stomachs is stronger than many think. Your stomach reacts to your brain and daily habits, and it’s incredibly sensitive to any change. When your noggin gets nervous or stressed, it goes into fight or flight mode, signaling your body to do the same.

This slows your digestive system to re-purpose that energy to other parts of your body. When this happens for a brief moment, you hardly notice, but with chronic anxiety, your digestive system is constantly interrupted. If you suffer from anxiety, you may experience constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating regularly.

Learn how to control your anxiety through deep breathing and relaxation techniques. Some doctors even prescribe antidepressants to help relax the stomachs of anxiety-ridden patients.

2.Beneficiary fruits

Eat Healthy food and Fruits to boost your Digestion
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Fruits Are Healthy But Don’t Mix Them With The Main Course If you want to make a meal of fruits, go right ahead, but don’t mix them with other foods. Fruits are easy on your digestive system, as they are broken down and absorbed by the body much more rapidly than other foods.

This very same feature also poses a problem when they consumed with meals. As the fruits are broken down at a faster rate, your belly is, quite literally, turned into a fermentation tank. This results in digestive problems like gas buildup, bloating, and discomfort.

If you are trying to cut down on your intake of other foods, make it a point to consume fruits at least half an hour before meals, instead of combining the two.

3.Don’t Reach For The Cold Water

A glass of icy cold water can be incredibly refreshing, and a great relief when you are eating spicy food, but it’s not a good idea. On the contrary, warm water is much better for digestion, if you must get some fluid in, while you eat.

There’s a logical explanation for why cold water impedes digestion, while warm water facilitates it. If you were to pour cold water down a metal pipe, the metal would contract, restricting the flow of any fluid or other substance.

While you may not be the ‘man of steel’, your body responds to water in a manner that is very similar. Likewise, greasy foods congeal with lower temperatures and melt at higher temperatures.

So friends, be preventive. Take care!



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