Miss Universe: Sushmita Sen Gorgeous in Anarkali!!


Known for its Glamour and Fashion is the Bollywood Industry. Unlike Hollywood, here in Bollywood beauty plays a vital role in making one popular and fetch them fans rather than acting. But fashion and Gorgeous Wardrobe is something that connects both the different World. Their drop-dead Gorgeous style craves their fans for even more. Being a fashion Icon is a responsibility as their fans wholeheartedly follow them and their Dressing sense. A massive population is supporting them, so they need to pay attention to what they are wearing and how they are carrying themselves.

Miss Universe Sushmita Sen exactly knows how to carry herself. With a positive attitude and calm personality, she is rocking her Anarkali Outfits. Here is a glimpse of some:

1. Black is Love:

This Beauty is looking more lovely in this Black Designer Anarkali Suit. As black never goes out of style wearing it is on the safer side.

Black Anarkali, Sushmita Sen

2. Cute Orange:

Summers have their own thing with beautiful and vibrant colors. This orange Flowy Anarkali is so colorful, and the way Sushmita’s Skin tone is complementing this dress is breathtaking.

Orange Anarkali,Sushmita Sen

3. Rare Yellow:

This yellow-blue Georgette piece with Cutwork Embroidery is a must have piece for summers.

Yellow Anarkali,Sushmita Sen

4.  Gorgeous In White:

This white Embroidered Anarkali Suit is a fantastic choice. Its simple look is perfect to portray simplicity in you.

White Anarkali

5. Neon Pink:

Although this color is very rarely used, she is totally rocking the look. This masterpiece with heavy Embroidery and a unique color is a masterpiece.

neon Anarkali, sushmita sen

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