Millions of chinese people fills divorce every year. WHY??

Why number of Chinese people are filling for divorce every year

There is vast Increase in Filing Divorce cases in china nowadays.
Filing for divorce is common in China nowadays

The world’s most populous country is in the news nowadays as a number of Chinese people fill divorce every year. “Domestic Abuse” is one of the major problems if we talk about divorces and its number is increasing very vastly nowadays.

Why Men think himself to be superior to women?? Why this kind of nonfactual discrimination happening with every second family in the countries. If we talk about China then there are many situations of divorcing took place there.

1.85 Million Chinese people have filed divorce in first six month to the Civil Authority.
being apart is better than hate (google)

Zhou Ying from Guangzhou ended her 10-year marriage last year she just felt like a weight lift from her shoulders. Not only did the 38-year-old get custody of her eight-year-old son, as well as possession of the family flat and a substantial portion of their shared savings, she no longer had to face the constant arguments, annoying talks that had become a feature of her marriage. There was little romance left between Zhou and her husband and eventually the relationship became too exhausting for both of them, she said.

As stated by Zhou they were in love at first sight and it will always leave a scar that the relationship ended in divorce, but she thinks it was less painful than if they hated each other.



According to the research, In the first six months of this year, 1.85 million couples registered for divorce with the civil affairs authority alone, an increase of more than 10 percent compared with the same period last year.¬†Forty percent of divorced members had ended their marriage within the first five years that is so bad news for a good country’s reputation.

Taking about Ruby Xu, a 32-year-old health worker in Beijing who is in the process of filing for divorce. Ruby said that she felt like she had been trapped in an endless nightmare. She tried to endure the abuse for the sake of the baby. But finally decided to divorce her husband after sustained a skull contusion during a beating. She was thrown out of the home and barred from seeing her son.

As many as 700 out of every 1000 cases the court handled were divorces. The judges believed couples were too quick to seek to end their marriages. They should be working to save their marriage through their disagreements.

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