Many Bengalureans are in depression at workplace

Many Bengalureans are in depression at workplace says, Doctors

The corporate world of bengaluru is facing the issue of Depression among individuals.
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Hola guys!! In Depression… Is it a word distinguishing the condition of working ones in Bengaluru..??

As I know that, actually depression happens when are not satisfied with yourself, surroundings and something related to you. Depression is a very normal and serious medical disease or we can say this illness negatively affects how you feel, the way you actually act and you think of things.


As according to the great counselors, Bengaluru is witnessing an abrupt rise in the number of people suffering from depression caused by workplace-related stress. Kala Balasubramanian, counseling psychologist in Inner dawn counseling said that she gets over 40% of cases of depression in the workplace which is very critical to the mental health of an individual, as a result, more and more companies in the city are taking its initial step to combat this by having in-house counselors and by conducting some workshops for the emotional wellness of the employees.

The research indicate an increase in Depression among employees due to Work related Stress.
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Just as like  Anjana Rao Kavoor, a consultant psychiatrist at Fortis hospital, said a majority of the patients she treats are from the corporate sector. Most of them go through early to late hour work timings along with long hours of travel. This is the main reason why they may start using substances like alcohol, smoking, intake of drugs whose symptoms are anxiety, mood swings, nervousness, frustration, hypertension.

Talking about the research at a higher level then according to  WHO, over 300 Million people across the world suffer from depression and over 260 Million are living with anxiety disorders. So, a positive environment should be provided to them because work will always give you positive and best results if you do it with passion, inner happiness but if it is throwing you in the darkness of illness, stressed then either make it comfortable or leave it as no work is important than yourself.

According to  WHO, over 300 Million people across the world suffer from depression
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So guys, do your job with happiness, prosperity and live the life “Khulke” and be “Kamyaab” and then “Kamyabi” will be yours.

Thank you…

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