Malaika Arora Reveals Her Favorite Position In Recent Chat Show

Celebrity talk shows are much of fun and entertainment for audiences be it Koffee With Karan or BFF’s with Vogue. BFF a chat show hosted by Neha Dhupia is no more than revealing secrets about thoughts and imagination of Bollywood stars being it simple or dirty. Malaika Arora the Oh So Hotty Mommy and the fitness freak of Bollywood is well known for her bold and beautiful character. And she needs no more to tell this to her audience other than this show. Here she revealed her favorite position.

Malaika Arora

Malaika Arora Revealed Secret of Favorite Position

Favorite Position

In her recent Chat show with Neha Dhupia where she was invited along with her sister Amrita Arora. She was flooded with many questions. The show initiated with a question to her if she is lucky in cards or love. To this, she replied, “I am terrible at cards, so I guess lucky in love”.

The next question to both the Arora sisters was about the time they take to get ready whether it is Malaika or Amrita. To this Malaika replied immediately”That’s simple my sister”. Whereas on the other hand is generous Amrita said”Lies! None of us take much time. We know what we want to wear and are pretty confident”. The question round does not end here when Neha asked Amrita about when she was the last single the reply was awesome. She replied “Really Neha! You are asking” to which Malaika replied,”She has never been single”. The chat got interesting when Malaika was asked about her choice of boys and her favorite position. She replied to it very confidently saying”Game Night- Bearded Boys- Funny Guys”. Her main stress was when saying her favorite position which is “ON TOP”.

We wish she makes it soon with her choice.

Shahid and Mira in the show

Shahid Kapoor

On the same chat show with Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput, the secrets from their bedroom were revealed. When Shahid was asked about their respective wardrobes the reply came to be “The house we are living in now was made 6 months before our marriage and so there was planning for a wardrobe for a lady, it was supposed to be for me only. I had a wardrobe having two equal sections, so when she came I emptied one of my sides and said this is what I have… So we have equal wardrobe size.”

Shahid added to her comment that she has a bigger shoe collection than me.

“Her shoe collection is way bigger than mine and it keeps coming into my space so I keep throwing them away,” he said.

With this, the show comes to an end of this season and we are eagerly waiting for the next season to have these naughty gossips.

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