Malaika Arora broke her silence about her rumored affair with Arjun Kapoor!!

Where there is Bollywood, there is news of link-ups be it fake or real. But being linked to someone unnecessarily really pisses off the celebrities, but that comes as a drawback of being a Celebrity. But sometimes the made-up stories are so un-real that it effects the relationships. Malaika finally opened up about her and Arjun Kapoor’s rumored affair.

malaika and arbaaz

After her unexpected calling off of her marriage with Husband Arbaaz Khan after 18 years, Malaika Arora has been into the news for her every move. Paparazzi have been on high alert since her news of Divorce. As they didn’t give any answer to the questions about their Divorce, Media have been trying to dig-up some answers themselves. The most obvious reason anyone can think of is the involvement of the third person into a relationship.She was many times seen with a Businessman. Some suspect about his family not agreeing with her lifestyle, others say that Arbaaz’s financial conditions have not been stable.

malaika and arbaaz

However, these days Malaika and Arjun Kapoor are rumored to be dating and a reason for the drift. The actors are spotted many times together. After often seen to be coming out of Malaika’s flat, Tucsany Heights in Mumbai late at night.

malaika and arjun

But rumors are only rumors until it is approved. While in an Interview Malaika opened up about all of this things got much cleared. She said that all of the news is fake and Arjun was just her friend. The main reason as she said was that they were living separately for almost a year.

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