what makes a good marriage- secret revealed!

When we see around ourselves we find a lot of people who are in a relationship, but the truth is not all of them are leading a happy life. Differences between two people are an obvious thing because no two people have the same thinking. It is upon us how we tackle those things and slowing and gradually build up a new relationship. Here are some rules which if you follow; you will definitely lead a healthy married life.

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1. Never try to change!

As I earlier pointed out that no two people are same hence one should accept the differences as the quality of other and try to manage in that way only. If one try to change the other that will completely be forcing oneself on other. If he or she wants to change he will do that but don’t force things upon them.

2. Treat “Demand” as “favors”!

Never ever impose things on your partner, even if you want him/her to wash clothes for you. Ask them as if they are doing it as a favour for you and do reply with a lovely message or a hug.

3. Appreciate!

Appreciate and that too from the heart. When you start appreciating your partner he or she feels special. That is one special feeling that doesn’t have any price but the appreciation should be genuine.


4. Look for Positive!

Each one has both positive and negative points. And if we are in a relationship we have to deal with all of them. It is always advised to see and count the positive point of your partner. Even if he or she is not capable of doing one thing it might be the other in which he or she is a perfectionist.

5. Partners call for attention!

Understanding others demand and fulfilling it on time is not possible at all. But whenever you get the time you can at least try to do that. Even discussing the matter will make your partner glad.

6. Little things matters!

Small gifts, cute messages, or a simple hug can make anybody’s day. It will bring the smile on the face of your partner even if he or she had a dull day in the office.

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7. Walk and talk!

Make time for each other. Make a list of items that you can do together and follow that. Discuss each and everything and even if you have nothing to discuss just sit down and enjoy the time.

8. Fight for the right things!

Do not overdo things. Always fight for the right things, and if your partner disagrees allow him to do that. Give some time and then make him or her explain your point and listen to his points too.


9. Protect and stand!

Even if you had a terrible fight a few hours back, support your partner in public. This will not only make him or her feel special but also will make him/ her confident about himself/herself.

10. Tackle problem as a unit

Your problem is his and her are yours. Always try to find a solution for each other’s problem. This will not only build trust but also develop understanding among you.


If all these points don’t help you up with your marriage don’t think of separation just Learn to compromise. Compromise because marriages are made in heaven and god has decided that for you. Trust him!

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