Luxurious Life of Mukesh Ambani : Billionaire has Everything you can think of !!

Mukesh Ambani, India’s most prolific Billionaire Businessman, owns all those most expensive stuff that we tend to dream of having. To get a sneak peak to his Luxurious lifestyle stay tuned to this.


When it comes to the expensive possessions of Billionaire Mukesh Ambani, how can we forget about the 1 Billion dollar house Antilia which is the most expensive Home in the world with every amenity one can think of. This 27 story mansion is staffed by 600 people, 50 persons home theater with a garden roof. 6 floors of parking service for family cars and a private car parking on the 7th floor, nine high-speed elevators, 3 Helipads, dance studio, yoga room, relaxation room, and several glasses floored apartment. The home is thought to be beaten at a price only by Buckingham Palace. Too much right!!


Another Jaw-Dropping Expensive thing he owns is his Falcom 900 EX which is of 43.3 million dollars, which allows the billionaire to travel to places fast and with style and luxury. It comes fitted with a mid-flight office, cabin with a gaming console, music system, Satellite television and wireless communication. It is perfect for business meetings, has a personal chef.


Maybach 62 is a car that screams the Epitome of Luxury. The car has a customized interior that is bested only by the Rolls Royce Phantom, features a privacy screen. It is bomb and bullet proof with built-in TV screens with conferencing facilities onboard. The car costs around 1 Million Dollar with all the security features.



After owning the sky, and road, now it’s turning for the seas where Ambani does have it’s own Luxurious Floating Palace.The yacht appears to be in a shape of a horseshoe and has an enormous space for sunbathing. The decks of the yacht are connected by yacht. However, there is an elevator up to the owner’s room. The price of the deck is 200 crores.


The company owns many large businesses across India including energy, petrochemicals, textiles, natural resources, retail, and telecommunications. Mukesh Ambani owns 44.75% stakes in the company and profits exceeds $4.1 billion per year.

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1 Arab 90 Crore Of Daughter’s Marriage:

Mukesh Ambani’s Daughter Isha Ambani is going to tie the knot. But that is not just the big new as there is more to it. Isha Ambani got ready in 190 Crore ornaments which include 16 Crore of Saree and ornaments of gold and diamonds. What a lavish Bride though!!

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