Lucknow mahotsav a exhibition in Art and Culture of Uttar Pradesh

In year’s of 1975-76  The Tourism Year was observed and organized by Southern Asians, and on this occasion, it became a motive to promote Lucknow Mahotsav and to celebrate the ten-day festival.

The Lucknow Mahotsav occasion is organized in a motive to promote Lucknow Mahotsav’s Art, Culture, and Tourism for national and international tourists. Lucknow Mahotsav has been celebrated every year. During the festival, many displays and events of old days of nawab’s are organized to remind glories of past. It was held in Begum Hazratmehal Park of the Lucknow city.

In this Mahotsav, a street side food as it is the ideal place to taste a variety  of endless dishes as a wide range of cuisines is available at the festival, including Kesaria Doodh, Kabab-parathas and other mouth watering non-vegetarian exotic dishes.

Lucknow Mahotsav a ten days festival is organized every year to promote Uttar Pradesh Art and Culture to promote Tourism in the city. One of the objectives of the cultural fest is to provide encouragement to the Artisans and other small traders. Craftsmen from all over the country bring their masterpieces to the festival to showcase them in shops of the fest. Colorful processions, traditional dramas, Kathak dances in the style of Lucknow Gharana, Sarangi and sitar recitals, ghazals, qawwalis, and thumri produce a cheerful atmosphere during the ten-day-long festival.In this festival, many events like kite flying, cockfighting, and other old village games are organized to give a presence of Nawabi days in the city of nawab’s Lucknow.

The ten days long festival is very enjoyable and exciting in viewing different shops, music and food items in the fest. The festival invites many musicians and comical artists for making the environment of the festival very enjoyable for visitors in its full sense. The festival celebrated between months of 25 November and 5 December in Lucknow; the ten days long lasting festival is celebrated in luck now the city  the capital of Uttar Pradesh.

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