Love Marriage Or Arranged Marriage: The Pros And Cons

Marriage is a social institution. Therefore, a lot of individuals place a lot of importance on it. Additionally, ‘Love Marriage vs. Arranged marriage’ is a dilemma.

Love Marriage

Independent individuals opt for a love marriage
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An individual chooses their own partner in a love marriage. It is based on compatibility, mutual respect, and affection. The couple typically has known each other for a longer period of time. The comfort level is a headstart that helps to have a happy married life.

Comparatively, the divorce rate is higher. This is the main argument against them. However, the new generation’s point of view does not mind this. According to them, it is better to have a short but happy marriage, than a long one that they feel trapped in. Typically, individuals with an independent mindset opt to marry this way.

Arranged Marriage

Arranged marriage is the traditional approach.
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Some communities see marriage as an alliance between two families. Typically, the parents look at the economic and social status of the prospective groom’s or bride’s family. Additionally, a common value system is also looked for. The expectation is for the couple to be a mere building block of a larger familial structure. The perfect ‘fit’ for the family is looked for.

In many cases, belief systems like caste and the matching of horoscopes also play a role. It’s not tough to understand why the divorce rate of is comparatively less. Since the couple is seen as primarily a unit of the family, familial happiness is put above conjugal happiness. A lot of families see divorce as something to be ashamed of. Therefore, individuals who give society more important than individuality, are more likely to marry this way.

The conclusion

Marriage is a very beautiful and personal thing
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Every method of meeting a prospective partner has pros and cons. Moreover, the perfect choice is dependent on each individual’s comfort level. In fact, ‘who to marry?’, ‘how to marry?’ and ‘whether to marry at all?’ are very personal questions. Therefore, the important thing is for two people to be willing to marry each other- and for them to base this bond on mutual love and affection over everything else.

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