Let’s Know Mia Khalifa A Little Better

Mia Khalifa. Heard the name? Of course yes, right?

Saw her? Yes, why not.

But, do you know about her life, where she came from, how she became famous or how she came into the line of pornography? Well, not really.

So, today let’s take a little peek into her life and know her better than just a pornography actress and know her more like a person in general.

Let us start with her early life, her childhood.

Mia Khalifa was born on February 10, 1993, in Beirut, Lebanon and moved to the United States when she was just seven years old with her family. She had just the same childhood like anyone else. Also, her real name was Mia Callista, but, she changed it for the sake of her career.

Mia khalifa

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Moving on to her teenage life.

She lived in Montgomery County, Maryland as a teenager. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in history. She completed her graduation from University of Texas at El Paso. After getting graduated, she was indecisive of her career so, she started working in a fast food restaurant.

Mia khalifa

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Her starting in the adult clips.

Mia, while working in the fast food restaurant, got an offer from a customer to join in the adult industry. After some thought, she gave it a try in October 2014 and guessed what she was ranked the No. 1 performer on the website Pornhub just in two months! Well, who didn’t saw it coming? She has the ‘talent.’

Mia khalifa

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Mia Khalifa personal life

Soon after her family got to know about her new profession, they stopped talking to her and have not contacted her till now. Also, she got married at a young age of 18 but soon after, went through a divorce. Going into religions, her family was Catholic, and she too was brought up in the same faith, but later on, she stopped practicing it. Some people have also cursed her, called her names and she was even threatened that she would go to hell because she was a disgrace to her country and religion. Soon after, she left the industry in search of a decent job.


That was Mia Khalifa/Callista guys! Yes, she is much more than just a porn actress.

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