Latest WhatsApp Features: Exciting And Cool To The Users

WhatsApp new features as a bonus…

By this time, WhatsApp has robbed the king’s share of the social networking market. In fact, in India, it gained popularity more so than Facebook itself. On top of that, the new features of Whatsapp are certain to steal the show again. Someone who cannot avail high-speed internet widespread, standard inbuilt WhatsApp features with simple text messaging, location & photo sharing etc are more efficient on mobile in comparison to more data-heavy software like the Facebook app. Indian WhatsApp user base has crossed 200 million daily active users. With India as a whole, last year it surpassed the US for the first time in total time spent using mobile apps per month. Let’s find out whats in store for us!

Group calls and video chats

whatsapp-group calling-features

As of now, Whatsapp doesn’t have the provision to extend calls or video chats with more than two people at a time. One of the exciting features is of group calls and video chats will soon be available in WhatsApp. It is trying out in beta version 2.18.39 by a tech portal Wabetainfo. This feature adds the call and video button next to contact names in the groups. To start the group calling users will have to add people but the maximum number of people to add is yet to be certain.

More group information


Once again in beta version 2.18.39 of Wabetainfo, WhatsApp will soon add an “about us” section for groups. Any group member can add a description of the group. All the members of the group will get to see the description at the top of the group info section. One is able to edit the group description unless the group administrator restricts the editors from modifying them. For the new joiners, it would be an added source of information thus giving them a brief idea.

Payment service

Business app features

Previously declared worldwide, the payment feature has gone live in India too. WhatsApp has signed up a number of Indian banks to help bolster its payments service. With the acceptance of Indian government, modes of digital payments such as Unified Payments Interface, or UPI framework is introduced. This allows instant transfer between the participating banks. This scheme has been especially useful for local merchants and for friends and family to transfer funds among themselves.

Voice to Video Call Switch

switch voice-video

With just one tap one can easily switch from voice to video calls without disconnecting the ongoing call. There will be a dedicated icon for the switch and send a request to the other party for a video call. If the person accepts the invite, the voice call will get converted into the video call. If the person rejects the video call the voice call continues.The feature was first noticed in beta version 2.18. 4 by WABeta info.

More control to group admins


The power is more to the group admins for the strict use of this platform. Two new features currently being tested on WhatsApp Beta for Android. It includes allowing either all members or only admins to send messages to the group. Group admins can select the members allowing to edit the group info like description and icon. Also, the admins can modify the settings for 72 hours.

Facebook-like Stickers

FB stickers

WhatsApp’s latest media content addition, the GIF button, was already available on iOS platform. Later it arrived on Android, therefore, you can expect WhatsApp to add Facebook-like stickers on its platform. Earlier spotted on ioS, this is now added to its beta version on Android. The sticker icon will possibly be located next to the GIF button.

Instagram Stories share


The social networking giant is now extending the option to let users directly export their Instagram Stories on WhatsApp. Interestingly one can create an Instagram account with an email or Facebook profile while WhatsApp requires one’s mobile number. Hence, this new feature will roll out through a code that enables WhatsApp to link with third-party apps. Earlier Facebook took the initiative to use the same feature as Facebook stories.

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