All That We Should Know About These Top 15 Famous Logos!


Logos are two important. In the huge world, people may or may not read languages but are great in remembering signs.

Everything in the world always has some intense meanings. Everything is done purposefully and similar are the logos of some famous brands. Every shape in a logo have meanings and signifies some importance of designing them.
Here are some brand logos with its significance all we should know about :

A famous brand manufacturing the computers.laptops have an eye-catching logo. The sinuous “V” and “A” letters signify an analogue signal and the paired “1” and “0” represents a digital signal. The integrated letters represent the “history and evolution of technology from analogue to digital.”


2. Amazon

A perfect shopping site to get all the utilities. The logo shows the work of site. The arrow beneath  it only shows the smile on customers face by getting the product, but it also signifies that we may get everything over here from A to Z




As we all must be always imagining that the logo indicates the digital signal on which the company’s technology is focused on,b ut the lines represent the Golden Gate of San Francisco the inspiration to its originators who drove to the city to register the company.


4. Hyundai

A famous brand of car manufacturing with an appealing logo always let people think that the logo just shows the first letter of the company’s name. But believe me it actually shows the hand shaking of purchasers and representatives of it.


5. FedEx

Sending gifts to different places are handled by it,the name FedEx ,a courier service with a creative logo. If you look to its trademark closely we may observe an arrow representing company’s future developing skills between letters ‘E’ and ‘X’.

6. Volkswagen

Again a brand with a mesmerising logo also signifies a message. The ‘V’ stands for volks meaning people in German and ‘W’ goes for wagen meaning car. So, it is the car for people.Volkswagen

7. IBM

A perfect software company with a logo giving a social message not only to buyers or workers but to all people. The white lines between the blues gives the image of equal sign, that represents equality.

8. Adidas

Manufacturer of perfect shoes, clothes and accessories have a pretty charming logo which signifies a mountain representing hurdles people need to defeat. The three lines resemble a mountain.Adidas

9. Apple

A brand and name which is the famous software and product developing company which have a logo always taken as half eaten apple. It represents disallowed fruit from “Tree of Knowledge” in the sacred creation story of Adam and Eve.

10. Mercedes-Benz

A global automobile manufacturer. It have an amazing logo that represents the company’s rule and style over all things land, sea and air.Mercedes-Benz

11. BMW

A historic brand in aviation with a logo which suits its work. The two colours blue and white signifies a propeller in motion and a sky glancing through.BMW

12. Mobil

A major oil industry company have a very simple logo. The colors in its logo itself shows its meaning. The red color of the two represents strength and the calm blue color shows faithfulness and security offered by company.Mobil

13. Toyota

Cars not just for some but are important for all so we need a company like this. The 3-E that is the 3 ellipse of the logo shows three hearts that is the heart of buyer,heart of product and heart of progress in field of technology.Toyota

14. Pinterest

A catalogue of ideas used to upload, save, specialty sort and manage image and “pin” them according to their need, have a beautiful looking logo showing a pin in letter P.Pinterest

15. Baskin-Robins

The world’s biggest ice Cream speciality op restaurants have a colorful logo with two sweet colors having a number ’31’ that are the number of different ice Cream flavors which were sold famously.

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