Keep Your Smartphone Like New!

Feel Like New! Follow These Steps.

When we buy a new Smartphone, it first runs smooth but later we face problems of slowdown. Either an iPhone or an Android if you follow certain steps your Smartphone will always be new.

1. Keep Your Software Updated

Keep your smartphone updated with the latest system updates provided by the manufacturer.
System Update (Source: Google)

Always check whether your Smartphone is updated or not. Ensure updating the operating system. Updates have the bug fixing which is important to keep the phone running smoothly. You should also check if the applications you are using are updated or not. You can update applications in the settings. When you run the latest version of the software running on your phone then you will not face the problem of slowdown.  And your phone will run fast and smoothly.

2. Uninstall Applications You Don’t Need Now


Uninstall all unwanted apps from your smartphone.
Apps Uninstaller (Google: Google)


Uninstall the applications you find of no use. Applications increase the memory which can slow your phone. In case you need any application install it and uninstall after your use. It is advised to keep the APK’s of the applications you use frequently. And so it gets easier to install them. Unnecessary use of applications use the running tasks in the system that affects the process of other applications as well. So, it is better to check periodically the applications you need and the ones you don’t need. There are some Google applications which you do not use. So you can disable those applications.

3. Remove Background Tasks Running

Remove background running applications from your smartphone to increase spped.
Remove Apps running in Background (Source: Google)

In both iOS and Android, you can decide which applications you want to keep running. Because simultaneous run of many applications can slow down the Smartphone. There are many background tasks including System Applications that keep running all the time. So, in addition to it, the user uses many other applications that are vulnerable to the phone health. It is better to remove an application from the background after you have finished working with it. Keep your Bluetooth and Wifi OFF when you are not using them. Using multiple applications drains your battery.

4. Keep Your Home Screen Simple

keep your smartphone Home screen simple to increase free RAM availibility.
Simple Home Screen (Source: Google)

Users are very fond of keeping everything on the home screen. It gets easier to do anything just from the home screen. Use of widgets and applications from the basic screen area is a poor task. It weakens the Smartphone performance. Keep widgets only that are really helpful to you. Avoid using the widgets that eat up lots of unnecessary resources when you do not actually look at them.

5. Avoid Animating Smartphone

Reduce animation level of your smartphone to boost the CPU speed.
Andriod Animation settings (Source: Google)

Your phone can slow down due to heavy animations. You can then face difficulty in moving from the one application to the other. Like the use of Live Wallpapers consider replacing it with the static image. You can disable the animations from the settings.

6. Clean Up Storage

Clear Apps cache to increase the available space in your Smartphone.
Clear System Cache (Source: Google)

The best method to keep your Smartphone quick is keeping removing the cache. Memory cache is the waste files that add up to your storage and creates trouble. Uninstalled applications also have the cache on your phone. So remove the downloaded files and the cache files. A cache can be removed from the Settings area. Sometimes it is cache memory all you require to remove to keep your Smartphone running smooth.

7. Reset Your Smartphone

Frequently Backup and reset your mobile to remove all unwanted files.
Backup and Reset (Source: Google)

When your phone is running slowly simply restart it. But when you have tried everything else and still your phone is not working properly. Then it is advised to Reset your Smartphone. Resetting your phone will remove changes made. Remember before resetting your phone backup your data. Because once reset will not restore your data if a backup is not taken. Thus it is really important to backup everything that is important to you.

Smile! Your Smartphone Is Much Faster. You Are Happier As Never Before.


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