Kangana Ranaut’s Bizaare Experiences

BKangana Ranaut to be honest a lady reformer in our bollywood industry. Without any internal assistance, she made really big in this ruthless business. Be it her fate or her productive choice of works, Kangana is the definition of capturing success in the palms of her hand. But to utter disappointment, her career has been shrouded in negative controversies which has adhered to her side.

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She has been involved with married men like Aditya Pancholi . Kangana was seen in an romantic affair with comparatively 20 years older Aditya Pancholi, when she was struggling to make her way into the industry. The affair came to an abrupt end when she pressed charges against Pancholi, reporting of physical abuse.


kangana’s most controversial rumoured affair which got really bizaare was with Hrithik Roshan. The heartthrob actor completely denied any kind of romantic attachments between the two of them. A lot of legal action was bombarded towards each other and ultimately things turned even worse and the actress was truly hurt with the course of action.


She  started dating Adhyayan Suman while working with him on the sets of ‘Raaz, the mystery continues’. But the allegations put on Kangana after their break up was truly horrific. According to him she only knew to exploit and had caused mental disturbance to his father and him. He even went to the extent of saying that she was involved in performing black magic.Kangana

Kangana got herself in trouble on sets of ‘Coffee with Karan’ where she accused him of nepotism. According to her, he is significantly biased and partial towards the bollywood kids. As imagined Karan remained complete impassive during the interview, but he had quite a few words to comment regarding her behaviour.


She was accused by Apurva Asrani, national award winner editor and script writer, of stealing credits for writing Simran. Kangana reacted to this and defended herself by saying that Asrani was not as accomplished a writer as he seemed and dispersed any significant concerns regarding the matter.


So,this was Kangana with all her controversial baggage, yet one of the most remarkable and affluent actress to have graced our bollywood industry and is continuing to do so.

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