Ishigaki, The Most Beautiful Spot Of Japan For Tourists!

Ishigaki island

Ishigaki is the most beautiful island of Japan and is also known as Ishigakijma.The city has more than 1 million of the population and is famous for sandy beaches and coral reefs. You can go to an island in the festival week to enjoy the culture of the island.

Culture of Island

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It would be good to visit Ishigaki island during the festival week. Many festivals celebrated on the island are Hounensai, Haari boat festival, Shiisa, Orion beer festival etc. All these festivals are unique and enjoyable. The most popular festival is Hari boat festival. You can also experience the culture of an island in the festival season.

Traditional foods

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The Island has more than the 30 restaurants and mainly Ishigaki is a meat-centered hotspot. Some famous foods of the island are Umibudo, Mimiga, Rafute, and Tausoku. You don’t need to worry about your visit to Island has everything at one place.

Climate of Island

Climate of Island
Climate of Island

The climate of the island is favorable for you because it is warm with tropical rainforest climate. The climate here is sunny and warm all year around. There are also two ports in the city:- Ishigaki port and New Ishigaki airport.

When  to visit

You can visit here in the months of April, May, June, September, and October. These are the most favorable time to go to the island and you will experience average climatic condition with pleasant weather. There is a rainy season between August and September. The coolest month is January. However, you can visit according to your preferences. The Ishigaki island beaches are not always protected and are fantastic day trip destination. The Island attracts hundred thousands of tourists every year all around the world. You can not expect as how many tourists visited here. This Island also has a total of 7056200 visitors in 2013, the number of visits continuously increasing with the time.


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