IPLT20: Some of the undisclosed facts of IPL cheerleaders which you must know

There is no doubt that IPL cheerleaders play a great role in injecting glamour into Indian Premier League. They entertain the audience with their nice outfits and dance moves after every boundary. They also make their significance presence in IPL late-night parties along with cricketers which are generally held post matches.


However, as of now, BCCI has banned cheerleaders from interacting with the cricketers during this ongoing eighth edition of Indian Premier League. Moreover, the cheerleaders don’t work especially for IPL but also they get a contract for appearing in the background for Bollywood songs.

In a recent conversation with an anonymous cheerleader on Reddit, some of the unrevealed truths came to existence which every IPL fan must know. When she was asked about her entry to IPL, then a polite reply came that she’s thrown into IPL because of her dance moves which she is currently doing in Bollywood music videos in the background. She is currently on a dance contract with a firm based in Mumbai.

ipl cheerleaders

When she was asked about her interaction with cricket players then she denied any kind of interaction with players. She stated that players ignore us mostly. Also, we are not allowed to talk each other.

ipl cheerleaders

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The cheerleader was also questioned regarding the reactions of the audience as well as patience that make her dance in the hot humid climate. She replied to the above questions stating that she just ignore those nasty men who make kissy faces and clicking images frequently. She focuses her eyes on some of the nice people that are smiling and come to the stadium for enjoying the matches. She hates the men who ogle her most of the time. Considering the climate, she stated that the heat gets disturbing enough and cheerleaders try their best to embrace it. They perform even if they are exhausted and tired enough just because it is part of their job. Being a vegetarian, she told that samosa and chocolate are her part-time enjoyments. She negotiates fried foods as well as sugar.

ipl cheerleaders

While asking about racism in IPL, then she replied that she hates racism. Why 99 percent of girls are white for recruiting IPL cheerleaders, it’s totally unfair. Being from a western country, she loves India and its people. She loves the living of people here, kids playing gully cricket, cattle moving around, grocers selling vegetables at markets. Talking about her education, she replied that she is a University graduate in Anthropology. Now, she has deep affection towards IPL in comparison to American football.

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