Indian food that are banned around the world- Check whether your favourite is there in the list !!!

If you are going abroad, then you must read this article very seriously. There are a lot of things which we use on the daily basis in India but maybe they are banned in another country. Before you pack your bag take a look at these products, eat them one last time before you board a plane.



Honey of reputed brands like Dabur, Himalaya, Baidyanath can’t be exported from India. Tests were conducted and it was found that they have extremely harmful antibiotics in them. The food safety regulations disallow Indian honey to be sold abroad.

Indian food that are banned



In Indian home taking Chyawanprash in the morning is a must!  But the Canadian government has banned the sale of this health supplement. They say that it contains a high level of mercury and lead.

Chyawanprash . banned food


It is a common practice to put ghee on chapatti in India but you will not be allowed to do so in the USA. The USA has banned ghee that is made in India. It has done so because its ingredients are not mentioned on the bottle.

Ghee , banned food



Samosa, a fried or baked dish that has a filling of spiced potato, onion, peas and lenticels is banned in Somalia.  The Al-Shabaab leaders find the three-sided snack offensive as it resembles the Christian’s Holy Trinity also the triangular shape is not compatible with their strict Islamic culture.


samosa , banned food in india


Tablespoons of ketchup are the perfect companion to fries and pakoras, but you will be shocked to know that they are banned in France.  They believe ketchup poses a cultural threat to traditional French cooking as it “masks the flavour of what is being eaten.”



It is an edible preparation of cannabis. But this fact makes this truly Indian drink banned in many parts of the world.


California has banned the sale of our favourite almonds as they think that almonds are the one reason behind salmonella, a disease in which infected person has a high fever, diarrhea and abdominal cramp, outbreak.




Haldiram, a major sweet and snacks manufacturer of India is banned in the USA. It says they have a heavy amount of adulterants that is unfit for consumption.





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