#IAmSoIndian: Twitterati Trolls On Indian And Their ‘Desi-pun’

Indians with their extreme Desi-pun, Twitter is the witness!!! 🙂

We Indians have some uniqueness to represent that we are Indians with the pure desi feel toppling down. From household chores to online shopping we are the master of every work possible in this universe. Twitter, is the greatest proof of the current and crazy trendsetting from the last few days. Just like when someone casually tweeted with hashtag #IAmSoIndian, since then the public went frenzy over the Twitterverse. Likewise, they have been posting anything that makes us feel ” It happens only in India”.


By this time, no one is left out to know about the Twitter. It is a social platform that has been described as “the SMS of the Internet”, and for the users, we call the messages as ‘tweets’. One interesting fact about Twitter is that it became the largest source of breaking news in 2016 US election. It flashed 40 million election-related tweets sent by 10 p.m that day.

#IAmSoIndian Posts

#IAmSoIndian_Pencil use

The microblogging site is filled up with the hashtag and memes of #IAmSoIndian as the initial posts turned viral. Though one may confess it or not but the honest Indians are really talking about the most relatable stuff of our daily lives. Some of them are also posting photos alongside the tweets to make it more hilarious. From jokes about fusion cuisine to our epic jugaads, you will find all the happening things around. And of course, it is not hard to find the Aadhar related puns.

So if you are an Indian, you will enjoy the Twitterati abuzz to the core for sure. You may also post your own hidden thoughts among these tweety naughty tweets. 

Let’s check out some of those funny and viral tweets. Got connection right? Hell yeah! This is so, me rather so, us.

Who knew twittering would be so much fun lest this crazy hangover!!!

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