Learn How Women Are Different And Stronger Than Men!

Woman’s body is more complex than man. And there are some facts that you may not be aware of. Apart from being an idol of love and motherhood. Woman’s body has more to offer. Being different from a man both emotional and physically woman has many other properties. So let’s learn about some of these properties today. So what is it that makes women so different from men.

  • Women are more flexible

Yes, that is true. Where men can look all rough and tough with those strong and bulky muscles. Woman have lighter and more flexible muscles. Woman’s body is designed in such a way by nature. That is why a woman’s body is able to easily adapt to the expanding uterus during pregnancy. And it is able to come back to its original shape post delivery.

  • Women are different with respect to Heartbeat!

Women heartbeats are faster than men in order to dissipate more heat.
Women have a faster heartbeat. (Image source-Google)

It is a proven fact that a woman’s heart beats faster than a man’s. This mainly depends on the surface area and volume ratio of the body. Since, on an average, this ratio is lower for a woman. So their heart has to beat faster to distribute heat. A woman’s heart is about 118g. Whereas a man’s heart is 60g heavier.

  • Pain

Woman have more endurance to pain, a woman's body has more pain receptors. and are very sensitive as well.
Woman have more endurance to pain.
Image source-Google

In comparison, a woman’s body has more pain receptors. And they are very sensitive as well. So even the slightest disturbance to these pain receptors can cause a lot of discomforts. Seems like a curse right? But it is not so. Woman have a higher endurance level. Which means that they can endure pain. This is what gives them the strength to work even when they have a headache or a backache. And this is what gives them the ability to endure pain during childbirth.
So these are a few things that make a woman’s body different than a man’s. It is a miracle of God. A beautiful miracle indeed.

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